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    Ok, so i am kinda new to the whole thing of homebrewing, brewed quite a few batches, more than ten years ago probably, but i remember there being quite a lot of dregs at the bottom of the carbouy when transferring to the bottles... that being said... I am also smoking ribs, bacon, salmon, sausages, and i was curious if anyone has tried to marinate the ribs or sausages in the dregs prior to smoking and how it would turn out?  personally i think in theory it should work, and would be awesome to pair with afterwards... but am hoping someone else has tried it here and has feedback..... thanks everyone for taking the time to read this...
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    Are you talking the trub of yeast and hops leftover after fermentation? 

    I wouldn't use that as a marinade personally.  I think you would get a funky bitterness from the hop trub that just wouldn't be nice once smoked.

    I would however marinate with a good IPA or DIPA on a more delicate meat (fish, poultry) and pair that with a nice beer bbq sauce.  I think mesquite smoke would pair well with an IPA. 
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    I was thinking of just that sort of thing, and yeah was concerned about the powerful flavors in that but hoping someone had tried it out maybe cutting that with something sweet to even that out, or maybe even mixing it into a bbq sauce, but that might be a bad idea with the active cultures going on it could ferment into something really nasty... or really great who knows... As for using Ipa's of course i had considered those, but was hoping to save those for drinking and pair them with the marinated and smoked ribs as a selling product... My side business is smoked ribs, and am trying to get a homebrew kit to make my own beer, was just trying to think of something i could do as a bonus for my solid customers by making a special batch of ribs to be paired with a few of the beers.  but yeah maybe that needs some experimentation prior to implementation.. perhaps a 24 hour marinade with the dregs mixed with some applejuice or something sweet but sorta bland would add just enough to pair nicely with the beer.  will let you know, it will be a few months though before i have results...
  4. I'm with Schemy...the trub is spent yeast and other solids that are the waste by products of the fermentation process. It's nasty stuff and probably wouldn't be a good marinade. Maybe trying some of the wort, take some out before fermentation and use the wort as a marinade. As a side note, try a secondary fermentation for a clearer, better tasting beer. Once the active fermentation slows down to nothing (2 or 3 days) transfer the beer off of the trub into a second fermenter and let it settle there for up to two weeks before bottling.
  5. I am going to vote with everyone else here.  I could see using the unfermented wort-or the beer before carbonation.  But the trub would just have too much funkiness going on to add good flavors to anything.

  6. I don't think it would be very good. But chicken is pretty cheap. I'd say give it a try and let us know what happens.

    Happy smoken.

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    Ok yeah, i am kind of an idiot... as i said before i don't have sooo much experience in brewing or even smoking for that matter... i don't know the terminology it seems to describe what it was i meant, but the word i wanted to use was using the wort as a part of the marinade... i have no idea what trub is and just trying to remember back to the last time i brewed anything over 8 years ago i just figured i was thinking wort and trub were the same thing... obviously not... but anyway... it will be a while before i can have any sort of results as i live overseas and trying to find any sort of ingredients for homebrewing has to be shipped from the states and that could take weeks or months.. so yeah.. i think i will try it and since i smoke ribs as part of my business i will most likely just try it on a small scale with a few racks first then see where it goes from there... i will update when i get to that point and i do appreciate all the input.
  8. Those dregs are the "trub" that consists of spent yeast and byproducts. Wort is the unfermented beer before you add the yeast in the fermenter.
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    ok got it, thanks for the definition, back when i started brewing the small group i was in we had no idea what we were doing and we just called everything wort... but yeah it would probably be better with the actual wort sans yeast by products.. although if my knowledge is correct isn't the trub similar to vegemite?  and people slather that onto toast in the mornings for breakfast.... but to the american palate it is kinda nasty... likely thing is i will try a rack or two of using each...
  10. If it tastes good it's all good...bbq and beer [​IMG]

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