Any ground bison recipes?

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by nomorecoop, Apr 18, 2009.

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    Wife scored some ground bison meat yesterday. Other than burgers, anyone got a great recipe or ideas on how to prepare? I know it can be used in place of ground beef for any recipe, but looking for something out of the ordinary.
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    I have never tried this with Bison but I have with Elk and Deer. So I am sure it will work just fine.
    Grind together
    5 parts Venison
    3 parts pork trimmings
    1 1/2 parts bacon ends
    We make some into patties and freeze on a cookie sheet with wax paper on both sides. Package them up and they are ready to throw on the grill when ever you want.
    The rest we put in to 1 pound packages to use for meat loaf, chili, or what ever else you want to put it in.
    My wife is not a big fan or Venison but she does really like these burgers.
    I ground my whole deer into these this year and I am almost out already.Guess I am going to have to shoot 2 next season.
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    bison loaf?mix some pork in there

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