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    As if anyone ever needs a reason to smoke something...having a graduation/going away party for the oldest this weekend.  She is heading into the US Navy in about 11 days.  Menu this go around includes pulled pork (18# worth of shoulders to start with), about 100 abt's, pasta salad, 2 pans of smoked mac and cheese, and homemade pickles.  The usual veggie and fruit trays I'm sure will make an appearance.  So the shoulders are all rubbed out and resting comfortably in the fridge to hit the smoker tomorrow.  Hope to get a ffew pics along the way.  Was even nice to the cook this time and got myself a 12 of rolling rock and a 12 of know...for testing.  Gotta see how well they go with bbq...or something like that.  Its scientific for sure...
  2. Thank her for her service.


    I hope the test goes well[​IMG].

    Happy smoken.

  3. Thanks for her service.  What Rate is she going to be? 

    As was said above.....[​IMG]
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    Thanks all.  She is going in as E-3 and medical, so should be an interesting road.  On the smoker front, the shoulders are resting in the cooler.  I will get pics before I pull...promise! lol   I did have some wood and charcoal left at the end so we tossed on a package of brats and four bratwurst patties to see how that goes.

    Cracks me up how you can get a nice smoke ring on something as small as a brat.
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    Kinda like taking that last one with the bones as trophies of another beautiful smoke!  Changed up this go around and used half hickory half applewood.  Definitely doing that again.  Now off to cut and clean the peppers and test another beer.  See ya all tomorrow!

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