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  1. Since I have a 16 lb brisket in the smoker, I figured what the hey and added an 8 lb pork butt. This is the first I've done with a mustard rub


    Then rubbed it with my version of Memphis Dust Rub and then topped with brown sugar before putting it in the smoker.


    Here it is after 2 hours (and yes there's my very first brisket-it's been in there for 8 hours)


    That's it for now, I'll post more as the night progresses! Thanks for checking it out


    Here it is after 6 hrs, IT 99*. Smoker temp at 225-230* with hickory and Jack Daniels Oak Barrel Chips


    Alrighty then, here is the butt after 14 hrs and IT 134*. I think it's looking pretty darn good.  Still a ways to go but that's okay, 

    I have nothing better to do and the brisket is still hanging out too! Smoker temps staying right around 225*.

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  2. jp61

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    Looking real good so far Alesia!

    I'll be watching this one.....[​IMG]
  3. Thank you! I did an 11 lb butt a few weeks ago and just found the pics on the camera. It took 28 hours but man oh man was that bark to die for...

  4. flash

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    Not that you will taste any mustard.

    Be interesting to see how long that butt will take.
  5. jp61

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    Is it done yet? Huh.... is it done yet? I hope this one won't take 28hrs! Time to hit the sack for me. Good luck.....I'm sure it's gonna be a beauty!
  6. Not done yet but it's been in now for nearly 16 hrs and IT is 136! 
  7. jrod62

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    My last one took over 17 hours . Looks like its going to be awhile before yours will be done
  8. Yep it will. The finished pic above is an 11lb that took 28 hrs and I've noticed the low and slow at this altitude does take a bit longer. No worries, I'll just ride it out.

    EDIT: Sorry but I typed the wrong numbers in when I posted this. Should be at 17 hrs IT 182 and looking good so far. 

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  9. Subscribed.
    Lookin' forward to the results.
  10. flash

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    Ain't no way in hell my wife will let me keep the dinner quest waiting that long. 9 1/2 is tops for me.
  11. flash

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    Some would be concerned about the 140º IT and 4 hour issue for bacterial infection. Not sure this is a good idea to go that long.
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  12. Poultry Yes, Pork not so much. I don,t think I've ever done a butt and been over 140 in 4 hours.
  13. bruno994

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    Man, that is too slow 'n low for me.  Longest 10# butt to date, maybe 14 hours at 250 degrees.  You have way more patience than I sir.  Food looks good. 
  14. eman

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    A Guideline like 40-140 in 4...aka the Rule (less letters than Guideline) is, Easy to remember, Provides a margin of Error, Has been gleaned from information provided by Multiple sources, including but not limited to, Professional Food service organizations, The American Culinary Federation, The ServSafe program, the USDA and Food Service Professionals with Years of Experience... Is, " 40 to 140*F in 4 " written down in any Government Food Service Law Manual, or Word for Word on any fore mentioned Website or Charter?...NO...But it Has been adopted by This Site and others to protect it's members!..

     That being said the outer 1/2" to 1" of any whole muscle meat falls under this guidline . So if the outer 1" has reached 140 degrees it should be okay.

    If the butt was injected or cut or deboned then it would not fall under the whole muscle theory and would need to reach 140degrees internal to meet the guideline.
  15. s2k9k

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    Well she hasn't posted anything in over 20 hours so I hope everything is alright.
  16. jzampier

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    Probably in a food coma or ate her self to death... lol
  17. flash

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    Maybe its not done yet. [​IMG]

    I am sure they are OK.
  18. jp61

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  19. chef jimmyj

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    Altitude aside, these are taking WAY TOO LONG! I've done a lot of Butt's and never had one stall at 130-140*F for 20 hours...160-170*F for 4-6 hours yes but never that low...The reason there is no issue, as Bob pointed out, is it is intact muscle ( I Hope ). Are there any other High Altitude members getting this type of times? Needs some further investigation...JJ
  20. jp61

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    I sure hope everything is OK with you Alesia!

    This doesn't seem right to me [​IMG]  

    Anyone able to give her a call?
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