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Discussion in 'WSM Owners (Weber Smokey Mountain)' started by badjujumatt, May 29, 2015.

  1. badjujumatt

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    Hello and man am i excited to say that I am the proud owner of a new 22.5 WSM....! It should be waiting for me this afternoon at home. This is a fantastic site packed with a TON of information...thank you to all who have contributed so that I may learn. I also ordered the gasket and lid hinge kit, the upgraded door is out of stock so thats on hold. The dual meat thermometer is on the way as well. I cant wait to assemble and get some coals burning hopefully tonight if the rain holds off. Going to start with a hal basket of stubbs and 4 chunks of wood for the first run with no water or meat. I hope to get run #2 in tomorrow with the same set up, maybe throw some bacon and cockadoodledoo parts on for a sampler. The baby backs await, but I want to run this setup a few times before I drop some pig in the pit!
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    No sense wasting perfectly good charcoal, throw some meat in there and get your feet wet! Rain is not an issue either for the WSM. Wind can be an issue.

    The WSM runs smoothly as long as you don't over fire it. I prefer to use a side light method to get mine going. Fill the basket with charcoal add (3-4) 2"-3" chunks of smoke wood on top. Open all cents then light a propane torch stick it in one of the lower vents. Run the torch until the pit is about 25-30 degrees above your targeted temp. It will drop back down andost likely 10-20 degrees below where you are targeting. As the temps start to rise start closing your lower vents to lock in your temp. Always leave the top vent wide open.

    I'd not use water in the water pan either. Wrap it in foil and use it as a straight diffuser.
  3. badjujumatt

    badjujumatt Newbie

    Well, the WSM got assembled and I attempted to sneak in the first dry run. Loaded up with royal oak (couldnt get stubbs) and 4 lumps of hardwood. Ran it for 3 hours and the rain storm of the spring hit, I had to shut it down due to heavy rain...flooding in the area. Bummer...but I will try again tomorrow.

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