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  1. Hi, y'all, my name is Terry, and I am a smokeaholic...

    Ok, I have been grilling for probably 25+ years, early on a lot of it on a Weber kettle.   Last ten years, I have using my Weber Genesis S-330 as the wife had to have a gas grill for some of her outside Asian cooking or we had to sleep outside.   Last year or so, I have been doing some BBQ on the gasser, and that got me wanting a true smoker.   After a lot of research and chatting on a couple other forums, I bought me a Weber 22.5" WSM and have used it a couple times.   They say it's like riding a bike, but I feel I have forgotten more than I remember.   That just might be the beer or old age.  

    Done some sausages, a brisket, and some chick thighs on the new WSM.   The thing had a lot of sealing issues with the first long cook, never was able to put it out, it just burned until the was no KBB left.   Bought the gasket seals and going to install them today.   I also ordered the replacement door and should get that tomorrow.   That, and with the build up from cooking on it, I hope to have a tightly sealed, well tuned machine to Q with for many years.  

    I consider myself more of a cook than just a BBQ guy.   But there is something especially satisfying about pulling a large chunk of blacked (on purpose) meat off a fire, tearing into it and seeing all those wonderful juices running down...   [​IMG]
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    Welcome from Florida
  3. [​IMG]Hello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   



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    Welcome THoey1963!  With your Weber and gasser experience, plus "more of a cook than just a BBQ guy" attitude you and I sound like twins!  Even including the WSM experience.  I've had no problem controlling WSM temps but the fact I can't shut it down to save the extra fuel just tweeks my nose.  I have 8 smokes on the WSM and it is leaking just as bad now as on the first smoke.  Gasket kit should arrive any day and the aftermarket door is just a click away.

    Love San Antonio too.  Courted my Aggie wife 35 years ago on the River Walk when I was stationed in Kingsville and she was going to school in College Station.  "See you in San Antonio" was music to our ears.  Although I was a Navy guy we sure had fun at Randolph AFB!

    Looking forward to your posts and pics of your smokes.  Howdy and Welcome!      
  5. Thanks for the welcomes.   Curious, how do we edit our signature?
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    Find your handle in the box in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Put your cursor over it.  A popup menu appears.  "Edit my signature" is one of the choices.
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    Hi Terry, and welcome from Oklahoma!


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