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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by hillbilly jim, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. hillbilly jim

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    Masterbuilt 44 inch propane smoker

    I quickly discovered that the chip tray, bracket and heat deflector assembly is about as useless as brakes on a boat. I stripped all that out and chucked 'em in the dumpster.

    I pulled the burner guard and burner assembly off. After a few critical measurements, I cut a section of rack from an old smoker, installed it and reinstalled the burner assembly and guard, trapping the rack section in place.

    If I want to cold smoke, I just lay my AMNPS on the rack. If I want to hot smoke, I use my homemade 'smoke pot'. I bought a 1.5 quart cast iron bean pot and drilled four 1/4 inch holes in the lid. Fill it with chips, put the lid on, lay it on the rack over one of the burners and in a few minutes, I got smoke.

    I also use a propane regulator with a needle valve on the down stream side of the regulator. I can turn the fire down so low, the box won't break 175 degrees.
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    Nice mods Jim!

  3. Awesome I just ordered this smoker and have read about smok issues. I like this idea.

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  4. hillbilly jim

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    Lenny, I've got two posts in the Propane smoker section you might wanna look at. "Fixing a leaking door" and "Exhaust vent too small".

    I apologize for not posting links to those threads. For some reason, my system won't let me do that.

    I've pretty much got this thing figured out. Let me know if I can help you with your new '44'.
  5. Just got my smoker set up last night. I didn't install the chip box support or any of that. I put a old smoker rack in the bottom and placed a cast-iron pan over the burners. I'm hoping this will allow me to make Smoke at low temps.

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  6. hillbilly jim

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    After you put your chips in the pan, cover it with a sheet of heavy duty foil, tuck it down tight and poke a hole in the middle with a pencil. The foil keeps oxygen away from the chips. Without that, it's likely your chips will go to flame.
  7. They did just that lol. It makes Smoke really good even at around 200 degrees. I'll have to make a cover for it for sure.

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