Another Memorial Day pulled pork butts

Discussion in 'Pork' started by warlok, May 31, 2016.

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    Finally smoked something on the new (to me) NBBD on sunday. Worked great. I know you guys like pics but it was in the middle of a big party so only have a few. Did three 7-8# butts. Started at about 250 degrees. After about 4 hours (150 IT) it started to stall. So after about an hour (155 IT) I wrapped in HD foil with butter, honey, and brown sugar and kicked it up to about 300 degrees. Powered through and it was done at 205 IT after 7 hours total time. Didn't let rest because I broke the foil and dumped the juices out when I pulled them from the pit (DOH!!). Pulled and chopped and it was AWESOME!! Everyone raved about how great it was. My best smoke yet IMO. On to the few pics..


    Trimmed and rubbed:

    In the smoker:

    In the stall right before I foiled and put back in the pit:

    Done. Pulling and chopping: (That's me with the sunglasses on my head..)

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    Looks good so far


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