Another First -16 lb Brisket Final Pics!!!!!!

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  1. I've been seeing all the briskets posted and figured "I can do this". I really wouldn't have even attempted one without all the help on Thanks to everyone for all the great info and tips! The scary part is separating the point and flat...but I'll figure it out [​IMG]

    Since it's 16 lbs I know this is going to be a long journey to what I hope turns out to be good brisket! I picked it up a couple weeks ago and didn't pay this for it-got it for $1.88 lb and couldn't pass it up. Took it out of the freezer Sunday morning and into the fridge to thaw.



    This sucker is huge!


    Got it trimmed a bit and rubbed with a commercial brisket rub, which tasted pretty good. 


    Wrapped and into the fridge to rest.


    After 3 hrs and smoker temp of 225-230*. Using Hickory and Jack Daniels Oak Barrel Chips


    After 9 hrs and IT 110* and the 8 lb pork butt  at 1 hr


    Here it is at 14 hrs and IT 118* and smoker temp holding at 225-230*. Added some hot beef stock to the water pan.

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  2. Just passed the 24 hr mark a while ago and moved the therm to the point so I can separate the two when it's at temp. Anyway at 24 hrs, the flat has an IT of 148*, added some more hot broth to the pan and closed it up to continue on! 

  3. WoW!   24 hrs in the smoker!  Thats amazing!   it looks really good. love the pictures.
  4. Thanks! I figure I have a ways to go yet. An 11 lb butt took 28 hrs so I know this is gonna take some time.
  5. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    Lookin Good! but how did it drop 40* in 10 hours?
  6. Thanks and also for pointing out my typo...It was 118* at 14 hrs not 188*! I fixed it...tired I
  7. dutch

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    I know the temp will sometimes drop a bit when the temps hits the plateau but that is a quite a drop.  When I find a temp variance like that with the digital, I'll verify the temp with an instant read thermo.

    Looking good so far!

    Edit: Whew-glad that you cleared that up Alesia!!  Smoke on!!
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  8. sound1

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    Gotta love the low and slow, I can't wait to see the final pics.
  9. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    Are you going to make some BE's out of that point? 
  10. big sexy

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    That is a big boy in the smoker there!  Hope you didn't plan on eating anytime soon.
  11. Thanks Dutch...I know when I saw S2's post about the temp drop, my eyes bout popped outta my head...thankfully I keep lots of notes, especially since this is the first brisky for me.
    Yep no problem with me waiting it out! I just hope it comes out tastin good and not dry or tough.
    You bet I am...since this is the first, I'm a bit anxious about the separation process but I'll figure it out, I hope!
    Got it for $1.88 lb and they only had two, this was the better looking of them so here I am! Nope boyfriend won't be home til late this evening and I'm figuring on some of those brats I made.
  12. alblancher

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    Separating the point and the flat is pretty easy,  just follow the fat line between the two with the back of a knife.  Wow,  24 hours,  you are more patient then I am,  I would have cranked that baby up at the 12 hour mark!   Great to see such dedication, keep up the good work!  Can't wait to see the final Qview.
  13. Thanks Al for the separating advice. I saw a video on youtube and the guy scraped all the bark off the top to separate them! My jaw dropped. I did have 4 boys, one handicapped, so yep I've got lots of patience...I wanna do it the way I see them done on here and hopefully it will be a success.
  14. mneeley490

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    I assume you are smoking this on your MES 40? This is why electrics are great. Imagine tending a charcoal or wood burner for 24+ hours.
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  15. s2k9k

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    The point will practically fall off the flat, I just run a butter knife between them and lift, it's so easy.
  16. Thanks for the tip...
    Yep on the MES 40 and if I had to tend charcoal or wood it wouldn't be happening!!!!!
    I'm thinking right somewhere between 24 hrs (IT 148*) and 28 hrs (IT 144*) I hit the stall. At 30 hrs it's starting to slowly climb up again and IT is 146*. I added all the veggies for Chef Jimmy's Au Jus and I'll be putting Three Bean Casserole on later.

  17. Nice lookin' whole packer!
  18. chef jimmyj

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    I am not an expert on Packers but 24 hours to get 8* above 140*F sounds like a potential Problem...I seriously hope this was not INJECTED with anything! Talk about an Bacterial Incubator if it was...You have a lot of themo's in there so I assume you are confident in the Smoker Temp being around 225*F but that still seems like a long time for such a slow climb. There should be no issues if it was Intact muscle so don't panic...JJ
  19. terry colwell

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    X2,,,, All  I can think about is the 140 rule,, its screaming in my head now.. 14 hours to get to 118 degrees??  and 24 hours to get out of the "Danger Zone" ? What temp are you smoking this at?  I would be real concerned about eating this one.
  20. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    Well it went on about 48 hours ago and she hasn't posted in 18 hours so I hope she is alright.

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