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    My first time making it. This is a Andouille sausage, not a true Andouille that is still raw but heavily smoked. I give a lot away and share with buds at the Vets Club so want all my sausages to be fully cooked normally. So, trying to stay fairly traditional I ground half the 5 pounds of butt with the coarse plate and semi-froze, then diced the other half. I went modern by using Cure #1 and a cup of NFDM to help bind it all up. Used 1 cup of water to dissolve all my spices, cure and NFDM. Ground one day, added spices & rested overnight. Stuffed the next day & allowed the cased sausage to rest, uncovered, overnight again to help dry out. Put them into the Smokin It the third day at 125 for an hour to dry some more. Inserted the AMNS dust burner in with a mix of pecan & hickory dust. For the first time I tried a $5 aquarium pump in my ultra tight SI #3 with the hose right under the AMNS for more air to help stay lit? It worked fairly well for 2 rows anyway. 2 hours in I bumped the heat to 150. 3 hours in I bumped the heat to 175. Around 4 hours the AMNS went out so pulled the Andouille. IT was 120. Smelled wonderful as I got my poaching water hot. About 45 minutes at barely a simmer I had an IT of 165 and shut the operation down. I ordered 38/42 MM casings from Waltons, biggest I could get without being a 'middle'. They are amazing!! So long, clean and easy to work with compared to what I was new favorite casing perhaps. Sausages are huge in them. I'm very happy with the results of these.......Willie

    notice the chunks on the right

    linked, ready to rest overnight

    after a night uncovered in the fridge

    into the smoker went the piggies

    out of the poach

    morning after money shot...another day or 2 to fully bloom, but delicious with my eggs

  2. snorkelinggirl

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    Hi Bill!

    Your andouille looks delicious, and I love the color.  I bet they will be amazing not only with eggs for breakfast, but red beans and rice with this lovely (sarcasm) weather we are having.  

    I smoke my kielbasa for 4 hours as well, and then always have to finish them up by poaching.  I wish my electric smoker had better thermoregulation, but until I get around to upgrading to a PID controller, the smoke/poach approach works just fine.

    Thanks for sharing, and enjoy!  Have a great Friday and weekend!

  3. chef willie

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    Hey you.....hope things are well. Another major sausage thing off the List...finally. Debated the dice vs time probably all grind....the larger pieces of fat creep me out a little. Seems like I'm always finishing with the poaching but I'm content with knowing it's safe. I did take a sausage to completion in my pellet pusher but it made the casings quite hard and they had to be removed like a bad salami skin. I wish I could have hit them with another couple hours of smoke but the AMNS in the SI is not the best mode of operation, even with the air pump. Possibly another hole or two in the bottom since I have the drill bit? I'd agree on the regulator but I'm loath to spend another 200 on a PID and have to wire it up etc. I'd rather spend that on a curing chamber & gizmos for some serious salumi stuff. All in due time....<grin> Thx for the blurb.....take care....Bill
  4. Chef, those look great! Andouille is one of my favorites, if not the top of the list, to make and eat. If the fat creeps you out, you may try using a leaner piece of pork for the diced up portion. I've done a number of batches and I've found that even dicing up 1/4 of the meat serves well to give it that authentic look of the Andouille down south. A couple lbs of say pork loin would be perfect to serve this purpose. 

    As usual, good looking stuff coming out of your kitchen.
  5. snorkelinggirl

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    The SI and the ST that I have are pretty similar in design.  You may recall threads from the past discussing drilling holes in the bottom to improve air flow.  This always seems to be a contentious topic, so I'm not keen to revive it.  But, I did put the holes in the bottom of my ST, and am generally able to keep my AMNS and AMNPS lit, especially with heat on to improve the draw (as opposed to cold smoking).  BTW, I agree with you about not wanting to spend money on a PID…I'd rather spend the money on something else too (shoes!)  IMHO, smoking and poaching works just dandy, and yields sausage with a great texture.
  6. driedstick

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    Chef those look great, thanks for sharin with fellow vets as you always do. Great post!!! 

    I don't think they would have made it our of my house, congrats on holding yourself back, and getting them there LOL 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

  7. chef willie

    chef willie Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I'll take that compliment and the advice is appreciated. I've no problem with some salumi's showing that fat & chowing down....just hit me wrong first time looking at it. Of course, we are our own worst critics (always) and the taste was quite good with a nice after burn on the tongue. I'd get one of those 4 holed plates if available for my KA, but no luck on that. And, I'm thinking about a 6-7 hour smoke next time since there was no fat out at all. I'm interested in the taste change after about 3-4 days of mellowing.....Foam sez it's gets better & better with some aging. Thanks again....Willie
  8. I've got a couple lbs still sitting my freezer of the stuff. Every time I take it out I always save a link to slice up and eat without even heating it up. You're does seem to get better as it sits. 
  9. chef willie

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    Ahhhhh, you're funny. Yes, I remember well those days of varying opinions on the holes. I'm at least going to do one more 1/2 incher in the bottom, off to the side where the AMNS would normally sit. If it helps, great...if not, no harm IMO. Totally agree about the poaching....then a quick toss on a hot grill or a hot saute pan for more color and I'm good to go. Big storm coming in Saturday perhaps....maybe consider rubber waders instead of shoes....just sayin'
  10. venture

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    Looks good from here.

    Still on my bucket list.  It would help if my other half liked cajun food as much as I do.

    I will have to work on her training.

    But it seems it is more her training me?  [​IMG]

    Good luck and good smoking.
  11. foamheart

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    Thats some fine looking andouille. I'd be happy to use that in anything I cook. Great job.

    As to the chop vs. grind, I have been looking for an electric grinder but came up against a brick wall. The two things I make most now with ground meat are chili and andouille, both need a 3/4" plate IMHO, and you can't get a 3/4' plate on a non-professional electric, only manuals. I really want a good electric but currently thinking of setting up a belt drive for my manual so I can use the 3/4' plate.

    I can't understand why folks like LEM don't make a 3/4" plate.... too much torque required?

    Really great looking sausage, red beans and rice or a chicken and andouille gumbo in your near future? Sounds like you've got the weather for it (don't forget the bay leaf!).

    I forgot to mention, those are the perfect length too. perfect for one sausage for one pot. No part left-over to go back in the freezer. It also allows me to put more andouille in the pot without feeling guilty. LOL

    Fine looking andouille Chef.
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  12. chef willie

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    Thank you....only me & the gal pal here so 5 pounds is a lot and she's not a fan of the spicy links, so a lot gets shared. It's kinda fun getting those old guys to try new, that includes me). For some, the only known sausage is Jimmy Dean
    Yes, agree..another reason I like the poach finish to completion. I'm thinking some sliced about 1/8" thick on a plate with some good cheese and a nice glass of vino, much like they serve all those wonderful salumis now.  Some joints slice it so thin it dissolves on your tongue. Update on that to follow perhaps.
    Hmmm, I feel your pain. brother. Same here....she's got some gastro issues so I mostly do the low spice levels needed. I guess you could call it another version had a nice BP zing to it but the heat level, IMO, was fairly mild.
    Thank you Sir....I'd be pleased to share with a true Cajun such as yourself. Gumbo for sure in my future and as I mentioned to another some sliced thinly as an appetizer/snack with a bit of cheese perhaps. I saw that plate of which you speak..I believe it fit a Northern or Weston grinder. Nothing is interchangable, I guess. I can readily see you hooking up a belt driven contrapation for the back Rock on, Foam.....later
  13. darwin101

    darwin101 Meat Mopper


    Not sure what size grinder you have but Butcher Packer has a 3/4" plate for #10 & #12 if that would fit.  I got my #12 at Gander Mountain on sale for $107 last fall.

    Chef Willie those links look great, I think you did a fine job with them.    [​IMG]  
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  14. sam3

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    Great looking links Willie. Excellent job my friend. 
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  15. That is some fine looking sausage Chef Willie.
  16. foamheart

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    I actually had some of what you are talking about last year for the first time, they called them andouille chips. Thin cut, fried crispy, and they used them like a chip on a table full of dips. Quite impressive IMHO.

    Throw in some of the catfish chips (They cut the filet real thin then use icewater), really crunchie goodness!!

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