Amnts aha moment!

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    So I'm smoking a prime ribeye roast at work and my 12" amnts usually puts out about four hours of smoke which is just about right for my roast. Well today because I forgot my torch at home I lit it up on a gas range. It got it going more than it should have and at the two hour mark I had less than an hour of smoke left.

    So I'm trying to figure out how to get another hour or two of smoke without unloading the hot pellets and reloading new pellets and then reloading the hot pellets. Then it dawned on me if itll smoke one way it'll smoke the other way too!

    So I pick up the amnts and shake all the ashes out and get the remaining pellets all at the capped end of the tube. I then put new pellets on top of that and give a couple of good blows to make sure the older lit pellets were going good and put it back in smoker.

    It worked perfectly! Using this technique you can get seven hours out of the twelve inch tube and eleven hours out of the 18 inch tube...

    Anyone else ever do this because it's new to me?
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  2. I do it with the maze. Let it burn then refill and let it burn back the other direction.

    Happy smoken.

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    Yep yep.  End up doing this on a fair number of my smokes as sometimes, the tube burns through much quicker than normal.   This largely has to do with placement and airflow.   I often run with 2 tubes, one on each side of my bottom shelf.  Sometimes, one side will burn through much faster than the other.  Could be due to me being silly and forgetting to set the air baffles the same on each side.   Or something gets placed next to one side or the other of my smoker restricting the air flow.   Or even just a constant / steady breeze coming from one direction for the entire smoke.

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