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    I received my new AMNPS and Pitmaster's Choice pellets in the mail yesterday! I plan to give Todd a call sometime today. It arrived only two days after ordering and I didn't pay a dime for shipping! I took advantage of the A-Maze-N Products Dad's Day Sale. I am planning(if time allows) to season both my new MES and AMNPS today. The smoker is still boxed and not opened. I also got a lightning deal on Amazon for a set of Maverick ET 732 thermometers. This is my first smoker, with the exception of, a couple bullet smokers I had years ago. I am going to need some help with this from some smoke masters and any suggestions or tips that you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to those men and women that have served or currently serving in our U.S. military! Have a great day all!
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    Welcome Air Force Dad !!!

    You can ask anything in the search box above---This place has the best search box I've ever seen!!

    You can also post any question you have.

    However since you have an MES, an AMNPS, and an ET-732, my Step by Step Index (below) could be handy to you.

    Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".

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    Thank you Bear. This is exactly what I need, being a complete novice to this new found hobby. My family and friends love barbecue and various things smoked. I needed to know what internal temp to pull the different smoked meats (butts, chicken, pork loins, etc.) at. I also want to do some cold smoking on cheese this fall. I live in the south and the humidity hear can be a bear (no pun intended). The last thing I want to do is turn out foul tasting food. I hope to get my thermometers in the mail soon and hopefully be turning out some smoked goodies! Thanks again I appreciate the help.
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    Here is a little chart on finished temps of various meats:


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