AMNPS Florida Humidity tips?

Discussion in 'A-Maze-N Smokers' started by will75, Apr 13, 2015.

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    Any tips for someone with a gen 2 40 mes? I've spoke to todd and tried everything and it seems no matter what i do.. whether it's let a flame sit for 10 mins, or run a heat gun on it as well, within the hour it goes out. My brisket has been in, for about 3 hours now and i've been out there for almost all of that time, i have to sleep on the couch tonight because i smell so bad! heh 

    Tried top rack, tried no chip loader, tried pulling chip tray out.Tried placing it on the top, but smoke seemed to just go straight out, i tried putting a small fan pointed at the chip loader hole etc,, to add air to the cabinet. Didn't work so well\. In fact right now i have some heavier smoke going, which finally is happening.  Right now i put in another rack (the bottom lowest rack) and put the AMNPS on it, and added a tent, so far seems to be working.
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    Dry the pellets in the oven or smoker at 275 for 2 hours before trying to light them.... With the humidity, they could suck up moisture.... mine do and I live in a semi desert...
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    Try a chimney. So far so good for me in South Florida. Microwave pellet, torch them to get going, and loader couple inches out.
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    I have an MES 40" and use my Amznps with no problems. Watch a fan as you could have the pellets ignite with the air flow. What i found that works good is to take out the side chip dump, this lets some air in. I use a propane torch to get the pellets going. I am also in FL

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    I'm wondering if your pellets happened to get too much moisture in them (more than normal for Florida). I keep my pellets in my shop which is hot and humid most of the year and I don't have problems with them burning (so long as I light them properly).

    Have you tried microwaving your pellets?
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    I'm sure Todd told you to remove the water pan in your Gen #2 & put the AMNPS there.

    Another thing is 10 minutes isn't much time to spend getting it lit properly, which is the biggest thing. Have you tried getting it lit good & then leave it out of your smoker??? Try that---If it goes out then, it's not because of air flow in your smoker.

    Meanwhile keep your pellets & Dust dry, so you don't have to Nuke them. I have some that has been in my garage for 5 years, and it still works fine because of keeping it in screw top jugs. And it's almost always raining or snowing here.


    For those of you who have an "A-MAZE-N-SMOKER", or any other dust or pellet burning smoke generator, This is how I keep mine dry. Humidity will effect how the dust burns.

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