AMNPS Flare up fix for MES 30 Sportsman Elite

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    Ok, I have not seen a post for a flare up issue but I have a seriously simple fix, it is so simple it will make you say "DUH" as I did while I was laughing.

    As I said, I have not seen a post on a flare up regarding the positioning of the AMNPS over the "s" portion of the element, and then this, with burner in operation often causing a Flare Up issue with the pellets starting to burn as opposed to smoldering but this ridiculously simple MOD should solve that, and to be honest I could see that being a issue if you were high temp smoking, but do not think it would be an issue with low temp or cold smoking / dehydrating.

    Here is the Stock position with the AMNPS in place of the Chip Tray

    And though I have not had a Flare up, nor have I even Seasoned this unit yet, I can see if you were cooking high temp that the increased operating time of this element could very well generate large amounts of heat which is how it supplied smoke by the Chip Tray, which is also why so many had very weak smoke or no smoke at all lower temp cooking, element was not operating often enough to get the temp high enough to smoke the chips.


    Photo of the RACK JUST TURNED 180 degrees and placed on top of the Rack Support Rails, not in the rails as it would normally go, it moves the Water Bowl over the "S" part of the Heating Element and puts the AMNPS just about perfectly in the middle of the wide open space of the Element, this should eliminate any Flare Ups if that is a issue for anyone, you can still slide the Rack out a little if you need to, but from my knowledge of the use of this, no one uses water anyway, and it is still very easily accessible to add water if you do use it, it will slide out about 3 inches like this (in backwards and on top of the rails that it normally slides into).

    I am still laughing hehehe, really simple and should be very effective for anyone experiencing Pellets bursting into flames, this will stop virtually all heat gain from the Element¬†[​IMG]

    And the AMNPS still stays left centered in cabinet in regards to the air intake / drain hole so it should get ample fresh air and not extinguish, not sure about the extinguishing part yet, I have to actually use the smoker LOL, but I have another MOD for that issue if my AMNPS goes out, should solve that issue completely, part is on the way for that MOD, it will soon be posted as soon as I get the part, the MOD will not only resolve AMNPS extinguishing issues due to low oxygen, it will also increase low temp drying and dehydrating times !
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