aluminum foil health risk?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smo-kingmamma, May 23, 2014.

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  1. smo-kingmamma

    smo-kingmamma Newbie

    Anyone out there have a replacement idea around aluminum foil?  I know that smoking meat has it's own health risks, but I am not going to wrap my meat in aluminum for any period of time.  There is a known dementia/alzheimers risk.  Maybe a Dutch oven if it is brought up to temp.?
  2. c farmer

    c farmer Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    We all have to die of something.  LOL

    I dont wrap anything while on the smoker.

    After pullin off of smoker, maybe two hours.

    Dont think its gonna hurt me.
  3. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    In order for the aluminum to dissolve, it needs an alkaline medium to dissolve it or something like Aqua-Regia, a powerful acid... or hydrofluoric acid....   You can always use butcher paper....  The NON plasticized stuff.....   

  4. forluvofsmoke

    forluvofsmoke Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I use foil-covered pans all the time...basically no contact with the food touching the foil. Ceramic coated roasting pans work well for this, and if you have a matching cover, such as with a turkey roaster, all the better. If this method is used for resting brisket or pork shoulder, for example, it will not hold at temp for as long as foil/towel wrap, but preheating the pan/cover does help.

    I have used aluminum baking pans with a foil cover...would that be any different than foiling? Anyway, standard kitchen cookware can be quite useful for smoked meats needing to rest before real need for anything that's special-purpose...just has to be large enough to hold the meat.

  5. ak1

    ak1 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Last I checked there was no corelation between aluminium & alzheimers that any quantifiable study could prove. 

    I look at it this way; There is one thing that is given and undeniable, I am going to die.  Now, I can read stories that this or that is going to kill me. Maybe, maybe not.  I've got maybe 80 yrs on this planet. I'm going to enjoy my time here, not spend it worrying about this or that. I figure, I'll go when I go. I'll enjoy my journey.
  6. I thought the Aluminum foil and Alzheimer's died out a few years ago.  Guess it it true, once on the net, always on the net.[​IMG]
  7. Hello and welcome, Wasn't aware of that one. You can find anything on the net, just have to make sure it comes from a reliable source that have done studies and test. I have beenusing butcher paper on my briskets for several years, still foil ribs and pork butt though.

    Gary s
  8. smo-kingmamma

    smo-kingmamma Newbie

    By Dr. Mercola
    Thanks for everyone's opinion.  I am glad that some of you understand that there are ways to do things differently and that is what I was looking for, suggested ideas, not judgement or moral or educational slant.  Aluminum which is a soft metal, doesn't go near heat and my food.   I am new to smoking meats and loving the communities helpful suggestions and insight.
  9. smo-kingmamma

    smo-kingmamma Newbie

    Hi Eric, thanks for the helpful hints.  Is holding to temp. for when you are serving meat a while after it rests or need to travel etc?  Is holding it up to temp a way for it to cool more slowly?  I am very new and keep seeing the aluminum and towel idea, but I apparently don't get it.

  10. jp61

    jp61 Master of the Pit ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    [​IMG]  How can one have mounting scientific evidence with a shortage of conclusive studies?

    [​IMG]These researchers are bad for my health, they're freaking killing me........ who the heck is one to believe???

    [​IMG]  Drinking water could kill me..... probably not a good idea to stop no matter what the conclusive evidence is. 
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  11. demosthenes9

    demosthenes9 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Wow, I guess the whole concept of "correlation != causation" is out the window.    I guess if the individual in question had died from being hit by a meteorite, then aluminum would be the cause of that as well ?
  12. jp61

    jp61 Master of the Pit ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Is this the great Dr. Mercola you're referring to?
  13. How many times a week would you need to be using foil to have an effect?  I am thinking that most of us on here would be doing good if used once a week, I am sure they may be some who wraps more. I grill probably 5 days out of the week and smoke once or three times a month, A lot of what I wrap in foil is only in it for a short period of time. I don't think it effected my mind, I don't think it has effected my mind, I don't think it has effected my mind, What were we talking about.

    Gary S
  14. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    FDA Orders Dr. Joseph Mercola to Stop Illegal Claims .....

    Many of Mercola's articles make unsubstantiated claims and clash with those of leading medical and public health organizations. For example, he opposes immunization [4] fluoridation [5], mammography [6], and the routine administration of vitamin K shots to the newborn [7]; claims that amalgam fillings are toxic [8]; and makes many unsubstantiated recommendations for dietary supplements. Mercola's reach has been greatly boosted by repeated promotion on the "Dr. Oz Show."
  15. Hello.  Welcome to the forum.  I just have to offer my worthless 2 cents here.  If NOT using aluminium foil is a life style choice for you then that is your choice and I have no comment.  Most members, and many professional chefs recommend wrapping meat in foil to rest.  Please forgive me, I don't mean to be confrontational at all but IMHO we just can't let info like this be put on the site without all the info we can provide being included.  We can't allow new folks to be afraid to use a product based on partial information.  Just my opinion; could be wrong, have been in the past.  I have done a lot of reading about aluminium cookware as I had your same concerns.  Now if you read your last post you will see that the evidence you quoted was from a worker exposed to aluminium ( probably ) on a daily bases.  This was most probably aluminium dust which was probably inhaled; maybe not but as you didn't include further info we don't know.  From my research I agree with what DaveOmak posted above.  It takes a really strong acid to break down the aluminium.  Use the equipment properly.  Now, because of that info I don't use anything aluminium when I make tomato sauces and such BUT that is just my choice.  Tomatoes do not contain enough acid to start breaking down the aluminium from my research but I chose not to use it.  Asbestos is not dangerous if left undisturbed and the particles don't become airborne.  If aluminium foil was that big of a risk the USDA would pull it off the market.  Keep Smokin!

  16. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    It seems to me that you would have to inhale powdered aluminum or ingest it somehow to have it affect you. I don't really think wrapping your meat with it will harm you. Just an opinion but makes sense to me.
  17. atomicsmoke

    atomicsmoke Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    That's quite a study...
    population... one.

    Wear your seatbelt, get a flu shot. Sugar in the BBQ sauce and rubs will kill us before the aluminum foil will.
  18. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    I really do want one of those big stone casseroles rather than using disposable aluminum pans so much though. One with a well designed lid would be really cool. My mother has one from pampered chef but I think that thing was over a hundred bucks. Sure is nice though, and that would probably solve your problem, or paranoia or whatever.
  19. TL;DR - we've been studying this "correlation" for a long, long time with nothing that proves aluminum causes Alzheimer's.  And furthermore, you get sooooooooo much aluminum just from water and food, that not using foil or pans that contain aluminum isn't "I'm trying to limit it as much as possible".  Instead, it's "What you're doing is pointless, so take off the tinfoil hat and live your life before you're 80 years old and have a stack of regrets."

    Aluminium – Very low levels of many metals are present in the brain. Aluminium is a toxic metal that is common in our everyday environment. Small amounts of it are found in water and food. Although initial studies linked aluminium toxicity with Alzheimer's disease, the link has not been proven despite continuing investigation. Importantly, there is no evidence to suggest that aluminium exposure increases your risk of dementia.

    Avoiding all aluminum isn’t possible, because the metal is so ubiquitous. If Alzheimer’s is your worry, you’re better off making sure to keep your mind active and your heart healthy, Borenstein says. In the long run, these steps will do far more to protect your brain.

    Q: Can using aluminum foil cause Alzheimer's or other neurological diseases?

    A: It depends on who you ask. Naturopathic types would argue yes, but the western medical establishment would say no. According to food scientist Robert Wolke, some people have suspected a link between aluminum and Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's and Parkinson's diseases for about two decades, but it has not been proved. Besides, most of our aluminum intake comes from our food and water, not the foil we use. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust and is widely distributed in soil, plants and water. Our bodies absorb less than 1percent of what they take in.
  20. jp61

    jp61 Master of the Pit ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    BREAKING NEWS... ... ...

    We have a live feed from planet earth with Sr. Galactic Correspondent jp61

    Hello folks, unfortunately I have bad news.

    Scientist and Experts from Uranus for the first time, have conclusive evidence that breathing on planet earth is DANGEROUS to your health!!!

    It turns out that fire ant flatulence is toxic. Authorities have all available resources dispatched to deal with the crisis. 

    Stay tuned, developing....

    [​IMG]..... sorry OP, sometimes I just can't stop myself. 

    Do as you wish, it's your life and your choice.

    I would like to suggest an equal concern for food safety.
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