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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by johngil, Apr 14, 2008.

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    I began the construction of what I am currently referring to as "the beast". I am building a smoker/grill out of a 325 Gal propane tank. I am thinking of using 6" pipe as the air intake as well as the vent.
    I will put a damper on both BUT the question I have is this: Is 6" pipe too big for both? and is it OK to use galvanized on the vent? How long should the vent be? I was going for 3'
    The tank is 32" dia. and about 7 1/2 ft long.

    Pics at:
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    IMO, if you have a damper in both, 6 inch should be fine because you can control the air intake by closing it. As fas as the galvanized, if it is going to get hot over 100 deg f. I would not use it unless it is for the exhaust. You want any nasties getting into the food.
    This is my opinion.
    Hope this helps.

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