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  1. Hey all wasn't sure where to put this so if its in the wrong spot ..sorry about that!

    Anyways I posted a few days ago about possibly converting my Brinkmann ECB from charcoal to electric. While i have all that I need to do the converting. I came across this for sale in my local Kijiji ads.

    In going back and forth with the seller he says it works and all parts are there. he is asking 100 bucks for this and from what I can tell from the pics, it looks pretty solid.

    I am going to check it out tomorrow and if it looks good I will most likely buy it. However as I am still new to smoking I was wondering if this is a good deal? Also upon inspecting the unit what should I be asking for or looking for? What other questions should I ask  to make sure I get a good buy.

    here some pics of the unit I am looking at.


  2. daveomak

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    If it works, it's a good deal.....

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