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    Got me a pellet smoker and the homemade mini UDS. Going to a local BBQ competition this weekend to scout out the whole process and hopefully learn a lot. Next month I plan on entering a comp that has a backyard competition as well to get my feet wet in the smaller category. Lookin for advice on rubs, sauces, supplies needed and so forth. I make a lot of sauces and rubs but was wondering if any commercial brands would do better for comp cooking. I think the catagories are ribs and chicken thighs. I usually cook spares here at home, but what is favored in competitions? Pork shoulder is more my specialty and I think that's because I'd rather eat pulled pork than ribs. In the event that I was to enter the people choice (pork shoulder) what is the best way to present ( sliced, chunked, pulled) ? Any advice would be appreciated and like I said I hope to learn a lot this weekend.
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