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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by cashxx, Apr 23, 2015.

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    I have a CharGriller 5050 and tired of messing with charcoal and was looking at a Vertical Smoker, probably propane as reviews I read about the electric they say you don't get the best results.  I looked in the past for propane models and they didn't make any I cared for and today I got to looking again and have seen two I like but can't find the one I want.

    Smoke Hollow 44" with Window.  Model: PS4400

    Smoke Hollow 38" with Window. Model: SH38W

    Looks like Sams Club has the best prices on these.  I was leaning towards the PS4400 because you get more style racks and a cover, but I think it will be too big to put on my deck and now looking at the SH38W.

    Does anyone know if these SH38W models just came out or something?  It seems to be only available from Sam's.  I noticed Masterbuilt also has some window propane versions, but they don't seem to be out either.

    I started looking at the Landmann on sale at Gander Mountain.  The models 3495GLA and 3895GWLA, but for the money I think the best buy is the PS4400 at Sam's.  

    Going by size for my personal situation I think I have to lean to the SH38W or the Landmann models as they aren't as deep.

    What do you all think of these models? Any recommendations on one model over the other or a completely different model?  Or should I just keep the 5050 going, because I have read where people have just as much trouble having to check on the Vertical Smokers as a Charcoal model?

    Smoke Hollow Model: SH38W

    Smoke Hollow Model: PS4400

    Landmann Model: 3495GLA

    Landmann Model: 3895GWLA


  2. Dan,

    When I bought my vertical I looked at Smoke Hollow and Landmann, both good units in their price range.  That said, I ended up with a Smoke Vault 24 by Camp Chef and have been very happy with it.  It looks good, it cooks great and I have had zero issues with it.  It seems to be a little better build quality then the others, it is very solid.Not trying to sway you either way, just adding an option for you.
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    Ok I appreciate the feedback!  I have seen that one a few times in reviews and this site has some good reviews as well on some of these.  I looked at some at Home Depot and Gander Mountain and they all seem to be cheaply made to me.  They say heavy duty, but that thin sheet metal to me isn't heavy duty and they all look like they wouldn't seal good!  I haven't had the privilege to see the Smoke Vault yet.

    I kinda leaning towards one with a window and multiple drawers, those were two of the features I was looking for before and they seem to be just now coming out finally.  It seemed like only the electric models had windows before.  

    Thanks again!
  4. I don't have a window but it seems like it would not be easy to see through not long after a smoke starts.  I have a light in my Rec-Tec and have given up trying to clean the lens, now I just don't use it.  I understand the benefit of two drawers so you don't have to open the cabinet, but honestly the Smoke Vault recovers so quickly I have had no issue.  One thing I really like about the Smoke Vault, I read about all the mods people make to their cabinets, door seal, needle valves, baffles, etc. but I've cooked for a couple years now from 160 degrees to as high as you want go (450 or better to burn gunk off racks) with no issues.  The only mod I made was to drill a hole and add a grommet for the thermo probes to go through.
  5. Just bought the SH 38. I'll update when I do my first run with it.

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