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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by gooose53, Dec 18, 2007.

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    Ok, I went and ordered a Afterburner to turn my Charbroil H20 into gas! Should be here in the next 3-4 days. Web site is and they are great to do business with. I thought I had ordered it assembled but when the order was emailed to me I noticed it was ordered as a kit. Not that I couldn't have put it together....I just didn't want to mess with it for the $5 increase in price. Anyway, when I emailed Ed he said no problem and my order still went out the same day. Also found a iron handle-less skillet (10x7)to use for the smoking wood for about $10. Looking forward to using it.....anyone have one and can offer any advice as to what not to do with the operation of the Afterburner?
  2. I have the v burner for my Brinkman Gourmet Charcoal, and it is great...Get yourself a couple of cans of apple juice( the 44 oz ones I think)and use the cans for your smoking wood...Ed actually puts a bend in the supports for the juice can..and it works perfectly...I keep a second can loaded just in case I need it..The needle valve that comes with the unit gives you all the control you will need...
    If you have any ED...he is great! I live in the mountains and was not getting the kind of flame I needed, so ed sent me two different jets to try, and that solved the problem..(free of charge, I might add)
    I also had mine shipped assembled...much easier that way!
    I love mine!, and you will not be sorry you got one!
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    I agree with what everyone else said ... I love mine!
    Mine came assembled even though I thought I was getting the do-it-yourself version. I was trying to save money due to the shipping costs to Canada!
    I have also discovered that if you wrap a piece of foil over the end of the can holding the wood chunks and punch a few small holes in it, there is a lot less chance of your wood igniting to flame. I get more smoke using less wood doing this.
    Keep us informed of your experience with it ... eh? [​IMG]
  4. I gutted my old turkey fryer, cut a hole in the bottom of my GOSM, and made a simple bracket to bolt the burner to. I reduced the size of the charcoal pan slightly and raised it about 1.5". Now I use the burner to preheat the smoker while the charcoal chimney is doing it's thing then shut off the gas and do the first few hours with charcoal. When I get tired of jack'n around with the charcoal or after I foil, I light the gas burner..."Set it and forget it" I have used it a few times with just gas. The original fire pan works fairly well for smoke.
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    what kinda temps are you guys getting with this unit i was thinking of getting one was hoping i could get low temps around 120 or below for sausage and up to 350 or more for que glad you guys like yours after the new i may buy one no matter what the temps are i have heard good reports about this unit thanks for your help

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    I think it would depend on the size and type of smoker e.g. an ECB due to it's small size, would be difficult to keep temp low, but an offset might work OK.

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