Adapting GOSM to House Propane

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by tampascott, Aug 9, 2009.

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    Hello all-

    When my wife and I remodeled our kitchen several years ago, we had the propane company put a quick connect fitting on the patio figuring that we would eventually want to plumb lp out there for a future patio kitchen.

    I have the GOSM, and since I have a huge supply of propane plumbed from the outside tank right to patio wall, would prefer to use that supply rather than take the smaller tanks back and forth to switch them out.

    Question: How do I adapt the threaded female end of the GOSM hose with a quick connect fitting that will go into the house line. I presently have a quick connect fitting with house running off the house line, and attach photo so you can see the set-up.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Normally, the propane regulator would be removed from your appliance, but this is with a natural gas conversion. The concern I have is that your bulk tank regulator may not operate at the same line pressure as your GOSM regulator. You'll need to verify this before continuing with the hookup.

    If the propane regulator is left on the hose, and has a low pressure supply, it has been my experience that the regulator likely will not operate correctly. It may cause excess/reduced flow/pressure, or erratic pressure and flow...neither would be a safe or reliable way to operate the smoker.

    Basically, the bulk tank regulator should take care of the appliances connected to that line, as long as the regulated pressure is compatible with your appliance designed for portable tank supply. The regulator pressures need to be the same, or it could cause trouble.

    Someone else may have actually done this conversion and would have a better idea, but these are the things I would start looking at if it where me.

    Good luck!

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    The fitting you are looking for can be found at, sorry I don't know how to add links, on their home page chose propane fittings, on the drop down menu click on quick couplings, you wiil see a female quick coupler that you can connect to the male on you hose.

    You will have to remove the regulator and use the proper bushings and coupler from the male hose connection on your GOSM.

    Like Eric has already said, make certain the pressure at the male quick connection is low pressure, maybe call the plumber and ask him if it will work, if you need to install a low pressure regulator, go to Pressure Regulator and click on low pressure, there you will find one that you can adapt to your needs.

    Maybe you already know this and just removed it for the photo, but always keep the cover on the fitting, bugs like to build their homes in them and and that can cause alot of headaches.


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