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  1. What's an ABT? I've seen pics and they look great. Could someone explain?
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    Some half them, I core them and use them whole. I usually use Philly Cream Cheese (Chive and Onion), Mexican Blend Cheese, lil cajun seasoning, mix it together, stuff the pepper, wrap a piece of bacon over top and that's it. The people here in the ABT section come up with some good mixtures.
  4. How about that ! Although I didn't know what they were I actually made some yesterday and grilled them. Girlfriend bought me a contraption where you can stack them and they don't fall through. Kind of like an elevated pan with holes in it. I stuffed mine with sausage, sauteed onion and shreaded cheese. Cut the tops off, cored and stuffed 'em. Came out great. I had leftover sausage/onion mixture and stuffed a whole red pepper. That was good also...more sweet than hot but good!
  5. Last weekend I made my first batch of these as part of a big project for my sister-in-laws 40th anniversary. Started with 20 peppers, split them and scraped the core out. Then stuffed with a mix of cream cheese colby and cheddar then topped with a little smokie and wrapped with 1/2 strip of bacon. Neither my wife or I really like hot peppers but I thought that some at the party would like them. After she saw them, my wife wanted to try one and after 2 she said "not bad". I had smoked 3 turkeys, 2 full pork loins, and the ABTs starting Saturday afternoon until party time at 1:00 on Sunday and everyone thought things were great but " why did you only make a small batch of ABTs". They were very good. Every one here posts pictures of their smoke projects but I don't know how yet but all the smoked stuff really looked great ready to serve.
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    ABT - A Beautiful Thing [​IMG]

    I made 96 last year for our Superbowl party... in spite of a few 'yowls' from unsuspecting victims, they were gone before the first half. So was the better part of 10 cases of beer. [​IMG]

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