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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by heyer5, May 9, 2011.

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    Heeeey there everyone!

    I tried smoking meat for my first time this weekend on my grill, came out with a delicious 3.5lb pork loin, and now I'm hooked.  I've been searching the internet for charcoal smoker reviews and prices, and everyone, including here, seems to be pointing at the WSM 18.5" being the best bang for the buck.  Pondering ordering it, okay, I lied, I will order it when I get off of work!

    Quite excited, hoping I can do a little Q'ing this weekend!  I've done many searches on this site as well, talk about a lot of information!  Hopefully I can figure out the "minion method" everyone speaks of!
  2. pineywoods

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    Congrats the WSM is a great smoker
  3. smokinal

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    You will love your new smoker. Here's a pic of the minnion method, There are several ways to do it, this is just on of them. Make a train of charcoal around the edge with some wood chunks mixed in then put 6-8 lit briquettes on one end. The fire will slowly burn around the ring. I put some wood chips in the can in the middle & they give off a little smoke too.

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  4. fpnmf

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    I love my 18.5!!!

  5. jirodriguez

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    Like Al said.. several minion methods, but they all boil down to adding a small (1/2 chimney) pile of lit charcoal to a larger pile of unlit charcoal. I usually just load my ring up with wood neslted in the unlit charcoal, then dump a half chimney right on top in the middle.
  6. realtorterry

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    It always amazes me how many chucks you guys can put around your charcoal in the WSM. If I tried that I get massive white smoke in my offset? I can't wait to get mine soon!!!!
  7. I use the same amount (2-3 chunks) in my 18.5".   On start up I do get a bit of thicker white smoke but after the vent adjustments are made and I let it sit at my ideal temp for 20 mins or so, it thins right out.  I put the meat on a couple mins after the smoke thins and within 15 mins of that I get this awesome aroma out the top vent with very little smoke visible. 

    I was geeking out the first time I could smell the food without seeing the smoke! [​IMG]    You will be thrilled with your WSM. Congrats!

    Matt in Moose Jaw  [​IMG]

  8. Hey, cool to see a local guy!  I live in Caronport!

  9. Right on....small world.  I'll be looking out for your qview and look forward to talking to you more.  I looked at your profile and noticed the GM tech label, funny thing is that you've probably serviced my Equinox!  Cheers!

    And sorry to Heyer5 for the mini-hijacking of the thread, lol!

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