About to attempt my first Pork Butt...........Any and all advice!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by twothphry, May 2, 2014.

  1.   I am going to attempt my first pork butt. My wife bought a 6.67 lb hunk of meat destine for my smoker. How should I prepare my meat and what is a good rub? How long do I smoke it and at what temperature? Do I need to brine it or prepare it over night?

      I'm sure I forgot to ask some questions so fire away with your suggestions, advice and rule of smoking.

      Thanks for all the advice in advance.
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    I have two butts going right now. Didn't do anything special to prepare the meat. You can use a commercial rub or make one go to the forums section and look at some of the recipes pick one that speaks to you. I normally try to stay around 225/250 when smoking but this time I'm letting it get a little hotter so I'm not up all night. Time all depends on the meat it will get done when it wants to get done. Go to an internal temp of 200/205. Another good way to check for pullability is yank on the bone if it moves freely it's probably pretty tender. I always figure around 10/12 hours
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    Yup. Broosky has you covered. I tend to use Jeffs rub and cook about 275.
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    ^^^ Good info for ya !! :thumb: These guys have ya covered, just don't rush a butt..... She's gonna get done on er own time as stated above ! Just :th_wsmsmile0ly: & :cheers: ! Enjoy the process ! :biggrin:
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    If you put basic pulled pork in the search bar you'll find a link from meowey who will walk you through it step by step!

    Good luck & post the qview

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