? about my cajun injector smoker

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  1. Ive done 4 to 5 smokes on it and cant figure this out

    Do all electric smokers go up in temp and then down about 10 20 degrees before starting back up. I Set it on 225 and i put my thermoworks prob in and it goes up to 210 then the smoker shuts off and the temp on smoker say its 230 it cutts back on when the temp drops but my prob say it goes down 200 before it cutts on I dont like the temp flux that much. Thank you guys been reading stuff here about a year just decided to join and post lol luv the site
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    Yeah, that's normal.    Let's ignore your thermoworks probe for a sec.  You set your smoker for 225, so it takes it up to 230 and then starts coasting and will lose heat.  When it registers X amount under temp, the element fires back up and takes the temp back up.    That's completely normal and is the way just about any thermostatically controlled system works.

    The temp swing isn't as bad as it looks due to the difference in the readings between the probe and the thermo on the smoker.    When your smoker reads 230, your thermoworks reads 210, which is 20 degrees less.   So, on the bottom swing, when your thermoworks reads 200, your smoker probably reads 220.     That's only a 10 degree swing from peak to minimum temp.   You'll get that kind of temp change in just about any smoker.
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  3. Thanks I was just worried about the temp going up and then down. Its not possible to get a smoke ring on electric smoke is it. Ive read that its just a visual thing but thats what I like.
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    Fuzzy Logic controllers are designed so that they override, let's pic a random number, say 10 deg. Then under ten. Over time that sing is supposed to narrow. So if you set at 225, it should hit 235 then 215 then 233 and then 217, 230,220 and so on until it settlers in. This is supposedly more accurate, and is the standard for industrial heating applications. Whether these controllers are that sophisticated and are doing that is another story...

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