A new tradition (thanksBear) - Christmas Smoked Prime Rib w/Q-View

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  1. Happy Holidays fellow smokers;

    My wife and I spent our first Christmas together without any relatives and family and just stayed home. We decided to go Big for the two of us. I showed her Bear's Prime Rib Best Ever thread and we were sold. We got a Rib Roast at Wegman's that was a little pricey but didn't care. I started Christmas Eve morning and rubbed it down to marinade in fridge til Christmas afternoon.

    7.8lb Rib Roast @ $8.99 lb

    Rubbed, scored and wrapped with :

    McCormick's Steak Seasoning

    Garlic Powder

    Sea Salt

    Cracked Pepper (white/red/pink/black mix)

    Worcestershire Sauce

    Into the fridge for overnight marinade. 

     Time to smoke Christmas Day 1:30pm.

    After an hour of hickory smoke, flipped it over cause had a flame up from the wood that ran up the inside of the smoker, charred the top of the roast a little more than what I wanted, but will make do. First ever so expected some issues. Also, I had a 2lb Pork Tenderloin rubbed down and ready for an appetizer also on the smoker.

    I waited for an hour to probe the roast. Was reading around 84 degrees at 2:45pm.

    5:00 pm reached a 136  degrees and wrapped the roast.Looking great at this point ! 

    Also pulled the tenderloin for snacks at same time. Huge Smoke ring here. I tried a little different experiment with the tenderloin. Threw it in foil around 128 degrees and put it on direct heat above the coals for about 30 minutes to finish it off. Made it moist throughout and delicious appetizer!

    I followed Bear's recommendation on the Aus Juice. I put Carrots, Onions, Baby Bella Shrooms, Celery, some herbs and spices in a tray then took some homemade beef stock from a week or so ago and mixed with the drippings and the roasted veggies. I started out with just veggies at 200, then after an hour added the stock. Then once wrapped the roast added the drippings to this dish. Remained on low heat until dinner ready.

    And now time for the Prime Rib. I unwrapped when leveled out at 146. And let it rest for about 10 minutes. (maybe a little too long, should have pulled around 140 or not leave in low heat so long)

    Turned out to be a light pink through out, the picture doesn't show as much but a solid medium. Would have liked to have it more rare but was still good. I think next time pull it earlier after wrapping. I let it sit wrapped on about a 200 heat for about an hour or so while getting the rest of the meal ready.

    The ribs were perfect! Sliced them off and had some nice bark going on the ends.

    The ribs and the roast all on the platter to serve. Sliced my piece about 2 inches, the wife wanted about an inch cut 

    And finally the Christmas dinner. This was all about the meat so not much other sides. Salad and mash taters to soak up the aus juice. Lil Sierra Nevada Celebration ale and a decent cheap Malbec to accompany the second round of meat. As you can see in this pic the red started to come through as sliced into the center of the roast and sat a little longer. 

    Poured the Aus Juice on and had about 3 plates! Now in a meat coma ! Happy Holidays y'all.
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    Looks good! I've done a couple using Bear's method and the first one I pulled when it was around 145°, it was similar to yours, still good but not quite rare enough. The last one I pulled at 139°, I think, I'll have to check the thread on that one. It was perfect.
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  5. Yeah after looking around at other threads looks like 130-135 is the magic area. Can't wait to try again. Your 133 one does look perfect. Good  to know. 140 + is definitely more medium to medium-well area.
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    Congrats on the new tradition.  Reading over your post, I'm kind of confused about a couple of things.    First one is this statement:
    Followed shortly after by this one:
    Does this mean that you wrapped the PR at 136 then put it back in the smoker until it hit 146, then you pulled it and allowed it to rest ?

    Then there's this statement:
    That one has me all kinds of confused   :)
  7. I wrapped the PR when it hit 136 degrees. and put back on the smoker until the temp leveled out. When it would not raise anymore I pulled the PR completely off the smoker and let rest. In hindsight I think I should have pulled it off smoker when first wrapped it and just kept warm in oven or use the cooler method and let sit until ready to serve. The 200 degree comment was just a guess at what I should leave it at. 

    Thanks for the questions. Happy Smoking!
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    Yeah, should have just wrapped and held it in a cooler.   If holding in an oven, you'd want to make sure that it's temp is no higher than your desired temp for the PR.   Restaurants for example will cook a PR to 145, but then hold it in a Alto-Sham warmer at 145.   If you do this, then even hours later, you'll still have mid-rare to medium PR.   If, on the other hand, you try holding in a 200 degree oven, the PR will continue to cook and the temp will go up, eventually hitting 200 if you leave it in long enough.
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