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  1. I ordered 5 ft of Q-matz from A-Maze-N last week. I opened them up this morning to cut them for my GMG.  It turns out they sent me a 2 ft piece and a 3 ft piece.  The 2 ft piece is too short for my grill and the 3 fter leaves me with alot of waste.  So I called Todd at A-Maze-N.  I had to leave a message but he called back 5 min. later.  I explained my problem to him and without question he sent me another 5 ft piece of mats.  Thanks Todd for good old fashioned customer service.
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    can't beat that with a stick...
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    Yep.....Todds just that kind of guy!!! :sausage:
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    Todd is the best.  He delivers the customer service that most companies lack these days!

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    Great to hear about the excellent customer service as i just made my purchase from A-maze-n tonight..[​IMG]

    SMF rocks

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