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  1. jlozo

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    Good morning!

    I am new to smoking and the forum, so bear with me if you can.  I am doing a fridge conversion and am at the point where I need to get my electronics figured out.  I am going to have a temperature controller hooked up to a ~1400 watt element. I will also have a convection fan as well as an inline exhaust fan to clear the smoke when it is time to open the door since I will be running this in the garage.  Those will most likely be powered separately.  

    I did some research about temperature controllers and pulled the trigger and bought a Love 26150 temperature controller.  It seems like it has a little more than necessary for this application, but I got it for a good price so I went ahead with it.  I had intended to use a SSR, however after buying the controller I realized that the model I had gotten had an output that read "Proportional Current: 0-20 mA DC, scalable into 600 ohms maximum.".  I am not very good with electronics, so I wanted to ask what exactly this means for me?  So with this kind of output, what are my options for moving forward?  I did try and research about this, but didn't find any solid information.  

    Here is the link to general specs and the manual:


    Most of the information about specs and the wiring set up can be found within the first 6 pages of the manual.

    Thank you in advance for any help,

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    I have done some more research and have found two potentials thus far.  

    I found a SSR with 4-20mA input: 

    Or a PCM module that converts 4-20mA to proportional power control. http://www.omega.com/pptst/PCM3.html

    Does anyone know if either of these would be ideal options?  I'm am sorry for my lack of electrical knowledge.  

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    I looked at your controler manual. In order to figure out the specific controler you have you need to look at page 4 and use your model # that will tell you for sure what outputs you have.
  4. jlozo

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    I have the current 4-20mA up yo 600 ohms output.
  5. wolfman1955

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    I would go with the one you linked on amazon. I think that should work.
    Keep Smokin!!!
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    Check your PID and see if it also has a DC voltage output.  This is the type of output to use with a standard type SSR.  This type of output is either ON or OFF

    If it only has a proportional current output then you will have to use something called a control relay.   A control relay is just an SSR that is compatible with the current control.  This type of output is proportional or variable, not full on or off, but a variable percentage depending upon what is needed.

    Attached is a file that does a pretty good job of explaining.

    Hope this helps,


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