A 'lil Sunday Salmon.

Discussion in 'Fish' started by billebouy, Sep 18, 2011.

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    What Nice Color!

    How'd the salmon taste?

    MES 30 or 40



  2. Lol, the first piece I tasted out of the smoker was pretty salty, but it was that very thin belly piece, so that's to be expected.  The thicker pieces were just nice. 

    My MES is an older 40 inch digital, I've had it for about 4-5 years now, caught it on an end-of-season markdown at Sams club for $119 (don't hate me!)

    Since I was cooking here in Fl with an ambient temp between 83 and 91 today during my smoking time, it was hard to keep the temp low at the beginning, (the AMNPS alone will hold my pre-heated smoker at 120), The majority of the smoking was done between 120 and 140, bumping it up toward the end to get the +140 finish temp.  About 5 hours total.

    Still fighting with my Maverick ET-732 and my smoker, the Maverick keeps reading 10-20 degrees higher, got to keep playing with probe placement, I suppose...

    And yes, filled the AMNPS 1/2 full, was still smoking when I was done...  [​IMG]
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    That looks great, bille!!!!   Nice Color!!!

    You're right---The thinner pieces can get a little salty.

    When I did my Salmon, the pieces were all pretty thick. Then when I did some small trout & tilapia, I found out that 6 hours brining with my brine was just right for the thicker pieces & too long for the thinner pieces.

    Next time I do fish with the brine I use, I will be doing thicker pieces for 6 hours & thinner ones for 4 hours.

    Hard to believe that 2 hours makes a difference, but it really did for me.

    I wonder if I should edit my step by step, on that point???

  5. Yep, I was thinking next time, I'd load the 1/2" or less pieces into the brine last (so they're on top), and pull them around 4 hours, maybe even 3 for a real thin belly piece.  Have to play around with it.
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    Yup---That confirms it---I'm going to edit my Step by Step (right now).

    I'll go with 4 & 6.

    Thanks for your contribution,

  7. I just noticed, if you look just above the top middle piece in the pic, you'll see a very interested kitty.

    Yes, I gave him a taste.

    He really enjoyed it. Of course, he enjoys dead mice too (no acountin' for taste, lol)...
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    LOL---That's funny!!!

    I didn't even notice that, but our kitty "Smokey" loves to look up through our glass coffee table, and loves Smoked salmon.

    He has never seen a real mouse---Has about 15 toy mice though!!!  [​IMG]

    Edited my Step by step,


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