A good grill smoker combo? Does it exist?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by footbag, Jun 1, 2016.

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    My grill died recently, and I'm looking to replace it.  At my lake house, I have a grill and a Masterbuilt electric smoker.  I haven't been terribly happy with the Masterbuilt.  Twice, it's died right as I was about to start my smoking.  They replace the parts, but it still screws up the plans.  As well, when it's working, I find it gives a very inconsistent smoke. The backup plan has been to put it all on the grill which has a smoke box, but it doesn't really put out a lot of smoke.  It gets too hot, not evenly, and ends up not coming out so good. 

    Is there anything that works as a good grill, but would also operate as a good smoker when I chose to use it that way?  I put this in general, because I'm not sure if I'm looking for propane, pellet, or what.  I've heard pellet smokers are the best, but really don't know if what I'm looking for exists. 

    I'm looking to primarily smoke ribs and brisket, but my wife wants a regular grill.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


  2. I think you're right to be looking at pellet a grill/smoker, I don't own one but have looked at buying one in the past.  If you got the money they are easy to run.  I'll just add that I do a lot of smoking on my weber charcoal kettle, and they are a great grill as well.
  3. I just purchased a Yoder YS480 for the exact same reasons you are looking for.  Let me start first by saying that anything mechanical, can/will break.

    There are a very few select pellet grills out there that will do what you want. I researched a lot of smoker/grill combinations and felt that the Yoder would do everything I needed and still be within my grill budget.  There are a few that are much higher in price but not certain they are a whole lot better.  "Better" is relative.

    I have been very happy with my Yoder.  It's as close to "set it and forget it" as I have found.  I have smoked pork, beef, chicken, brats, fatties and turkey breast, all with good results.  I have also grilled and seared steaks, burgers, chops and shish-ka-bobs with "grill like" perfection.  Pizza is the bomb with it too!  It will run at temps of 160° - over 500° for direct grilling.  Grill-Grates are an awesome accessory.  The Yoder is so simple to operate, even my wife can produce a quality cook without being intimidated by the whole smoker confusion(s).  She is a great cook in the house but not much experience with an outdoor smoker.

    I'm sure I can use a griddle and cook bacon and eggs on it.  With a little imagination, I think you can do almost anything on a Yoder.

    I might sound a little biased but the bottom line is, I'm a happy Yoder smoker.  Hope this helps, good luck in your research.  No, I do not work for Yoder ... lol
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  4. b-one

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    Weber kettle and you can even look for a used one if you want to save some cash. I just picked up this one for $135 only a little rust on the cart.
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  6. c farmer

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    Agree on the mini wsm. Great smoker and grill
  7. dukeburger

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    Agree with b-one, the Weber kettle is the most versitile piece of equipment I own. Can grill up some burgers one day and smoke a 12lb brisket the next... or even all at once.

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  8. lovethemeats

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    Yeah I to like the Weber. I have 2 Electric smokers but my Weber is a smoke pot itself. I have a smaller one I take camping with me when I go. Little bigger than the smoky joe. Used right they work awesome.
  9. footbag

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    Thanks for the suggestions.  I'm actually looking for something a bit more set it and forget it for the smoking side.  I wouldn't mind charcoal for the grill, but even with my Masterbuilt, I end up waking through all hours of the night to keep it going. 

    I'd love something with a set temp that also does a good job grilling. 

    My wife is looking at REC TEC.  I saw the other combo grill/smoker that our local box box stores sell has poor reviews on this site.  I guess the research pushed my budget up. 

    It's my wife and me, but then occasionally, the whole family.  As many as 10 people I'd say.  A brisket and 4 racks of ribs would be a good capacity. 
  10. I don't know what your budget is but take a look at Memphis Grills, they make pellet grills/smokers.
  11. footbag

    footbag Newbie

    Wow. Those look nice, but a bit over my budget. $1k would be my absolute max. I'd love to spend half that if it's possible to get something that'll actually work and last.
  12. lovethemeats

    lovethemeats Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Look at getting a AMNPS for your MES. You'll be able to set and forget it during the night when you do long smokes. Check out the mods for your MES.
  13. footbag

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    Whoa...  I never knew such a thing existed.  You may have just saved me a grand! 
  14. lovethemeats

    lovethemeats Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Just the mod I did for my MES. I did a brisket over night and this is what I had left for pellets. Plus I can go back to using my chip tray if I need to. The A-maze-n ain't bad on cost. I get probably over 12 hrs on mine.
    Just something to check out
  15. lovethemeats

    lovethemeats Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Everybody uses a mail box for it. I had a Bradley cold smoke box that i used. Covered up the hole on the side with a plate then added holes.
  16. lovethemeats

    lovethemeats Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Everybody uses a mail box for it. I had a Bradley cold smoke box that i used. Covered up the hole on the side with a plate then added holes.
  17. lancep

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    I'll give a vote for the WSM as well. Once you have a few smokes under your belt it is pretty much set and forget. Throw the charcoal grate on top of the lower smoking grate and you basically have a kettle grill. I have an 18.5" as my only smoker grill and have cooked for ten or more people many times. I also do long smokes overnight with a full night sleep. Once even with an F4 tornado passing a block north of the house
  18. lancep

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    (Hit the wrong button on the phone) The large 22" WSM runs about $500 leaving you more than enough room for a bbq guru, which some folks around here absolutely swear by. Judging by my own capacity, I'm sure you could easily do a packer and 4 slabs if you wanted. Good luck in your hunt!
  19. paul6

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    My son recently purchased a Green Mountain Pellet Grill . He  loves it I have had ribs on it and they were great . If memory serves me right Temps range from 180 to 500 degrees

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