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  1. In my search for a gas smoker I read a review on here about the Landmann 3895GWLA posted by Smoke-n-smiles. Here is the link to the review. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/...sy-access-2-drawer-vertical-gas-smoker-review

    Sorry about the url, but the link feature for some reason is not functioning properly.

    Any Who..

    I found the smoker at Home Depot and Lowes. Only thing is Lowes sells it for $124.00 more then Home Depot.

    Lowes - $503

    Home Depot - 379.00

    Lowes will price match + 10%, so it will cost $342 before taxes..

    Just thought I would share that with everyone..

    Ordered mine last night and can't wait... Gonna start off with some chicken thighs so I can get use to it.

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