7 Pound Boston, second ever attempt. W/ Q-View

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  1. Well here we go. This is only the second Butt I have ever done, I am a Brisket man normally. But I am following the advice here and in particular the Pork "Sticky" thread. I used a simple SPOG rub about 18 hours prior to smoke. Just over 5 hours in with an IT if 155 right now. I am using a Horizontal offset smoker with a mix of Hickory and Mesquite wood. I am using a 3-1 Apple Juice, Spiced rom mix to spray it every 30 minutes or so. Finishing sauce, from the finishing sauce sticky thread, is done and waiting. I plan to foil it at 165, pull it at 205 and rest it, wrapped in towels and a cooler for a 2-3 hours more. Here is the progress so far:

    More to follow!
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  2. seenred

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    Lookin' good so far...keep us posted!  [​IMG]

  3. IT 165, Last picture before foil:

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    That looks great! Bet it'll taste terrific .:grilling_smilie:
  5. Tragedy!

    I had to run a few errands so I told the wife. Watch this remote thermometer and if it get to 205, pull it out, wrap it and put it in the cooler. So, instead of watching the thermometer, she waited until it alarmed. Well it alarmed because the batteries went dead on the transmitter. But she assumed it was done. She said the last temp she read was 175. She pulled it and stuck it in the cooler way too early. 

    Now, I am gonna let it rest and see what happens in an hour or so. 

    I guess that is what happens when you leave BBQ to the wife, even if it is only to watch the temp!
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    Toss it back on the smoker or in the oven.  You can finish it foiled either way.  I would be safe to slice, but you are not going to get pulled pork from a 175* roast.
  7. I did just that. It is in the oven and temp is coming up nicely. It never got too cool so I might be ok here. We will wait and see. 

    Lesson learned. 

    Never leave the Q to the wife, even for an hour and a half!
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    That's got to be disappointing, but at 175° it is cooked to a safe temp to eat. Why not just say "oops", slice that hunk of pig, and fix a couple of big juicy pork sammies? Has to be delicious! 
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    You will be fine with that in the oven.  also next time I wouldn't spray every 30  mins.  You lose way to must heat and smoke opening the smoker that often.  Let us know how it turns out, but it is very good :)
  10. It turned out awesome! 

    Final pics:

  11. Made some pulled pork Taco's last night, Oh My Goodness they were AWESOME!

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