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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by kendunning, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. My company was going to get rid of a 42 unit Computer Server rack and for some odd reason, (too much coffee, I think) I imagined it would make a good frame for a smokehouse.

    ...it did!

    This was really the first thing I ever built, so I had no plans; it was just a build-as-you-go project.

    The link below points to the pictures hosted on Google Picasa, and I will summarize (in a long-winded fashion) here. (right-click and open in a new window if you want to keep reading my lenghty description.)


    I stripped the rack of any accessories, clad it with split alder logs from fallen trees on my property, then lined the inside with cherry veneer. I chose to make it primarily a cold smoker and bought a Bradley smoke generator, mounting it at the rear. Getting the finished house up to its new home next to our wellhouse was a feat worthy of a 3-Stooges film! Picture Larry, Moe and Curly trying to build Stonehenge; in roller skates.

    I prepared the site by digging and levelling the ground and placing a weed barrier in the area. A layer of large gravel under the base, and then four inches of the same (washed) gravel (2" minus) inside the floor of the house.

    2x4's on the inside walls became shelf rails, upon which I placed BBQ racks purchased at Walmart for $11 buck each. The photos only show the first rail set, but I later added several at different levels. The upper level racks can be used for simultaneous hot smoking by placing a heating element in the middle, above the bradley unit and the cold items. There are channeling plates made of moveable wood planks to seperate the lower area from the upper.

    I should say Warm smoking, rather than true hot smoking, because I cannot get more than 140 deg F in the upper area without bringing the lower section up to near cheese-melting temperatures. (I later plan to see if adjustable venting in the lower section will keep it cool enough to do Gouda downstairs and Salmon above.)

    Time to eat!

    Comments and criticism welcome. I am entierly new at this; in fact, I didn't learn the smoking basics until the smoker was ready for painting. All of which I learned right here on SMF Forums!

    Thanks to everyone for my delicious new obscession.

  2. shooterrick

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    Good luck. Like the idea of the log siding. Just fits. Lots of guys here that have smoke house design knowledge. I am not new to smoking but never had or used a smoke house. Great pics.[​IMG]
  3. richtee

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    Dang...adds new meaning to a digital smoker eh? LOL... Great project!
  4. doctor phreak

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    very good job for winging it...wish i could build one here at my house but d**m city regulations...oh well...like the wood siding looks natural sitting on your hill there
  5. shooterrick

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  6. mossymo

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    I like it, interested in hearing about how it smokes for you. Really like the split alder logs for the look; it is giving me idea's !!!
  7. Looks great! Good luck with it. Wish I had thought of that when I was working for a hosting co.
  8. supervman

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    I LOVE the idea man.

    One question, you said a cherry VENEER on the inside.
    Is this a veneer over particle board?
    If so, and NO offense intended, wouldn't the glues used to make particle board be toxic and wreck your smoked food product?

    Just something to ponder man.

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