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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by cbsuperduty, May 29, 2013.

  1. Been silently doing research and reading. The wife really wants me to get the "new" original Bradley but I am not fond of the biscuit idea and I have yet to read anything good on the Bradley except on their forums. I want electric so I don't have to babysit. I had pretty much settled on the MES 30" without the window. Then yesterday went we went to Bass Pro to pick one up and I see that they have switched to a newer model (20070213) and then I read that are even more prone to problems. I looked online and Cabela's had the older model and so I decided to call the local store and see what they actually had in stock before heading over there. The salesman indicated that they were out but the boxes had changed on the last shipment so he is guessing that it is the newer model. He did say that the floor display was an older unit that had been out on display for a couple of months. He said it was model 20070511 and that if I wanted that one he could sell it for $175.00. 

    So which model do you guys recommend going with? I will probably head out there over my lunch or after work to look at the display model.

    Thank You & I look forward to your opinions,

    Chris  AKA Newbie Smoker
  2. vandy58

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    I just got a 11 at a cabelas yesterday. I am not sure where u are at but the store near me (buda, tx) has another one in the box. Not sure if they do store to store. The cabelas one comes with a meat probe built in. I have not tested its accuracy yet but kind of a cool bonus. They will match their online price which is 189.99
  3. wcortesi

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    I just got one from Amazon last week, and it's apparently a 20070910 model, so I'm not sure if that's the old or new one?

    Anyway, used it a couple times last weekend and really like it! My only worry is if the element goes out.
  4. vandy58

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    My understanding is that is an older model, amazons new one is 250ish and ends in a 12. I almost did that one but got impatient a bought at cabelas and got their model. Only difference between mine and yours is the built in meat probe mine has. This is according to masterbuilt
  5. allen

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    cbsuperduty, My M.E.S. 40 is I believe a 20070403 model, mine is 800 watts, but I use chips, so far I have not had any problems with the heating element I have a thick heavey duty extension cord.
  6. allen

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    My MES 40 is the 20070408 not 03.

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