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    ive smoked in smokers before and i have used this one 1 time before for brisket i was trying to get it to 225 i got the temp stedy but no smoke was coming out. i looked at the chips and they where all dried out i put new one in and the same thing happened. this weekend i am doing a pork shoulder with apple chips . any suggestions on chips or temp
  2. what model do you have? does it have the small chip tray?
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    You probably got one of the bad Chip Burner assemblies.

    Masterbuilt had a problem with a large run of smokers.

    The chip burners did not work properly, especially at lower temps.

    In order to make things right, they offered FREE replacement chip burner assemblies that work properly.

    Watch the video at the link below.

    If your chip burner looks like the one the guy is removing (with the half drawer), you need to get the one that the guy is putting in. Just call Masterbuilt, and tell them your problem, and they should send you the FREE replacement chip burner assembly.

    Replacement only takes a screwdriver & about 2 or 3 minutes.




    PS: After you get the replacement installed, you may find it to be a PITA to keep consistent smoke going, by having to keep putting small amounts of chips or chunks in all the time. If that is true for you, look into getting an AMNPS.

    With that miracle product, once you load it & light it, you can get 9 to 11 hours of continuous consistent smoke, without having to touch it.
  4. wildcat2012

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    i have the 30 inch analog It is not the one in the video the smoke box is a small box that has a lid
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  5. wildcat2012

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    the video you sent is not of the smoker i have i have the 30 inch analog the smoker box is a small pan that has a lid on it
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  7. tommerr

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    I just looked at my MES30 and it has the bad box. I have only tried to use it once and I got no smoke. Would someone please post contact information to get an upgrade?

    Thank you,

  8. wildcat2012

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    what is the bad box and how do i get a new one
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    Here is what I found on the website:


    [email protected]



    706.327.5622 (local for Columbus, Georgia)

    706-660-8022 (fax)


    Masterbuilt Mfg., Inc

    1 Masterbuilt Court • Columbus, GA 31907

    When I bought my MES 30 I called and gave tehm the serial number, with that number they can tell if you have the old version of the smoke box.  Like the video that Bear posted shows.  But if you have a MES do yourself a huge favor and get a AMNPS!!  You will not be dissapointed!

  10. wildcat2012

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    the video that bear posted wasn't the same smoker that i have  and what is AMNPS
  11. bluebombersfan

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  12. tommerr

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    I just found their web site and their office hours are 8-5 M-F. I have an AMNPS but I also want the proper upgrade. I also have an extra air input vent to install. It came from an analytical oven that was being scrapped out. It's very much like the smoke exit vent on top. It is a rotating butterfly valve. I will post a picture of it when I find out how to use my new photo software. I suspect that the new input should be on the left side near the bottom. Your thoughts on placement would be appreciated.

    All the Best

  13. tommerr

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    The AMNPS is an amazing invention. This company is also one of the good guy, straight arrow places to do business. I ordered one of the remote sensors. I waited a long time and it never arrived. I contacted them and they immediately sent out a replacement. Low and behold, the first order showed up. I sent it back and and as a gift to me, I received an AMNPS as a free gift. That is what I call top drawer customer service. They have my business and that's that. I love smoked cheese and the AMNPS can smoke without heating the smoker. I just noticed that they are now selling five pound lots of pellets. I consider that as a wise investment. Off I go a shopping.

  14. tjohnson

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    This would be a very cool upgrade to the MES!!
    You should start a new thread for this mod, so you don't hijack this thread and your mod does not get buried

    The existing intake is on the right side, and so is the exhaust.
    By installing an intake on the lower left, the circulation inside the box will have to cross the racks, rather than go straight up the right rear corner.

    I would install the new intake right in the center the rails, on the lower left side.

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    The retro kit includes a new housing and a wider chip pan.
    Probably the biggest change you'll notice, is the heat shield that sits between the chip pan and the element, is gone.

    Take a side grinder with a cutting wheel, and cut out the heat shield on the one you have.
    This will make a HUGE difference in how it smokes

    I would still order the new retro kit, but this will work until you receive the kit

  16. That reads as if you are putting soaked chips into your MES.

    It has been my experience that DRY chips work best in my MES.

    Unlike stickburners that have a HOT bed of coals that will instantly ignite dry chips the MES uses a much gentler heat from the electric element to warm the dry chips to the smoldering point that generates a very light Thin Blue Smoke.

    Wet chips will only sit there and steam until they are dry and then eventually they will smoke.

    It reads like you swapped out the almost ready to smoke chips with more wet chips, thus never getting to the smoking point.

    Try dry, I think you will have better luck! :yahoo:
  17. tommerr

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    Yes indeed, I will start a new thread. I have worked in an aerospace materials laboratory for almost 40 years. I do highly specialized machining to test critical parts. I will research some valves and whatever is necessary in the way of tooling to do installation. I will buy the tooling so that it could be passed around with complete directions including pictures. I want to smoke and so far I am frustrated. By the way, I saw on the MES web site that they pictured a smoker inside. Is this really done? If so, I would put it next to my wood burner.
  18. sonnyhad

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    Tommerr, look into the use of a chimney for the MES, it goes right on the top vent, nothing to do but place it in the hole, works like a champ.
  19. tommerr

    tommerr Fire Starter

    Is the chimney an MES article or a home built add on? Does it need a damper? If it just an add on, most hardware stores would carry such stuff.
  20. tjohnson

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    I use (2) 3" Progresso Soup Cans, but bean cans work too.
    3" OD is what you're looking for
    No damper is needed....Wide Open!
    The chimney that Sonny is referring to is a 3" 90° elbow you can find at Home Depot or Lowes.
    Masterbuilt does not offer any such accessory.

    Try removing the heat shield and you'll notice a difference immediately.
    The chimney allows for slight negative pressure inside the MES, and also keeps any wind from blowing into the exhaust of the MES, and causing a back draft.



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