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  1. Hey guys bought some BB's at Costco the other day.  Kept them in Refridge all week just took them out (room temp 4 hours), yellow mustard, and rubbed them down.  Put them on my new rib rack and threw them on WSM at 225 with apple and hickory.  Going to do 2-2-1, but not sure how to foil them if they are in the rack.

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    Put them in an aluminum pan.

    If you have to, cut them in half to fit, then just put a foil cover on. You can put them on top of each other, it won't hurt.

    Then back in the rack to finish.
  3. Thanks for the tip SmokinAl.

    This is before i foiled them.

  4. africanmeat

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    looks good so far
  5. roller

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    cant wait to see the finished product
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    83, those are looking good, too bad you are going to wrap, they have a nice Bark starting.....sauce them later if you want,I go for bark[​IMG].

    Have fun and..........
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    Looking good,Can't wait to see'em carved up [​IMG]
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    Exacatically-----Once they're in foil, they don't care how they're in there.

    These are gonna be Awesome!!!


  10. These are the finished products.  2 wet and one dry.  The first rack wasn't too juicy but the other two were insane.  Best ribs I ever made.  Now I know why at competitions guys smoke multiple racks.  Same time, same package, different taste.


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    WOW! .................Now those look awesome[​IMG]

        Thanks for the Qview

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    Great looking ribs!!

  14. tyotrain

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  15. bearcarver

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    Great BearView Too!!!!

    Thanks, NJ,

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    Dang, now I want me some RIBS! You, know it's the breakfast of champions! [​IMG]
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    Great lookin' BB's...nice glaze and color. LOVE Costco ribs, always seem better than the rest
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    Now thats a dinner fit for a king, queen, prince, princess, and even a court jester as myself--hint hint..lolol


  19. You did well. Those look delish!! 
  20. just curious but by your post cant you also just foil over the whole rack with the ribs??  it might end up a ton of foil but why not??
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