3/12/11~1st Smoke on my WSM 22.5 (Baby Backs, Short Ribs, SPAM, Turkey, & Sausage)

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  1. Hey all,

    I threw this in Pork, cause i guess a majority of what i smoke was pork products (Baby Backs, Sausage, & the Spam)...

    I got the Smoker delivered on 3/1 (was so busy had to wait till 3/12 to do my 1st smoke on it):


    I started work on redoing my basement (nothing fancy... when all is said & done, it will just be a fresh coat of paint and a few improvements on the outdated items...)... My Brother came over Saturday for the demo/removal part of the job (we tore up carpet, moved out all the furniture, and a few other things)... What better way to break in the new Smoker than to treat the much needed help to a huge meal of meat, meat, & more meat! Oh an plenty of cold beer of course...

    I ran to Home Depot & BJs early Saturday to get everything i needed... From HD I got a bag of Lump & a double pack briquettes (i also grabbed Cherry Chunks & a chimney starter)... Usually i like to get my meat at least the day before so i can rub the day/night before, but it was all last minute... Grabbed 3 racks of Baby Backs, 2 Pkgs of Beef Short Ribs, 1 boneless Perdue Turkey Breast (pre-seasoned), & Spam (my bro brought the sausage later that day, so no in pic)


    I have my own homemade Brown Sugar based rub... I also have a bunch of store bought ones so i decided to do some multi flavored ribs... i used the below rubs...

    McCormick's Sweet & Smoky went on one rack of Baby Backs, Jake's Grillin Pork Rub (made with coffee) went on the 2nd Rack of BBs, & My Rub went on the 3rd rack of BBs & 2 cans of Spam)... The Turkey i did not mess with and the Lawry's Perfect Blend went on half the Beef Ribs & I put Montreal Steak on the other half...


    All Rubbed Down... (Used Mustard)


    I smoked with Cherry Wood & a mix of the 2 charcoals... Did the BBs 2-2-1, the Spam for 2 hrs, The Beef Ribs 6 hrs & the Turkey i did by temp (not sure how long it took)... I didn't get any shots of the smoker in action because we were pretty well occupied in the basement, but here are the meats as they came off...

    Spam (my first time doing this, and not my last... it gave us something to snack on with our beers and held us over for the good stuff)... Special thanks to The Dude Abides for the idea:


    The Baby Backs (I did them 2-2-1 & dry for choice of sauce at the end... During the foil i added Apple Juice & Honey... BTW: these racks were pretty darn big... one of the rack had a good 2inches worth of meat after cooking on the bone... maybe more):


    Boneless Turkey Breast (my first time doing this and will not be the last... this was a real hit!):


    The Beef Short Ribs (I put them on the bottom rack so i didnt foil them... They came out good, but next time will go back to foiling... I also did them dry):[​IMG]):

    Here are 2 shots with the BBs cut up & the Turkey sliced... Also the sausage finally making an appearance:



    Final thoughts on the WSM 22.5... I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! i was surprised i was able to get all this meat in the smoker... The heat maintained very well and for the duration of the smoke... with a few minor jumps here and there (and one dip)... but for the most part it was just as easy as my Gas Smokers... I almost forgot just how much flavor charcoal can add... It was great for my first smoke on it... I can not wait to do more... I would recommend this smoker to everyone & anyone... (special thanks to SmokinAl as he gave me a few tips and pointers on a PM for my first smoke)... Thanks for looking everyone!
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    That all looks great!

    I guess you didn't save me any of those beef shorties, did ya????

    I know what you mean about the charcoal.

    I use a Weber "Q" gas grill for my quick grilling, but once in a while, on special occasions,

    I light up a small charcoal grill for a couple steaks for me & the Mrs.

    Much more tasty!

  3. scarbelly

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    I notice he waited 5 days to post so we couldnt ask for any samples [​IMG]
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  4. chef willie

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    Wow..nice spread and no shortage of booze or beers looks like. I do those netted turkeys all the time at work...hmmmm, wonder how the AMS would work in a convection oven.
  5. HAHAHAHAHA we ate like kings and than split the leftovers (well i bribed him with leftovers... told him i expected help painting... I ate my left overs on Sunday & monday.... Have maybe 2 or 3 Shorties in the freezer though...

    Yeah I hear ya... I actually lent my charcoal grill out to a friend a few years back (thinking i dont... I have been to lazy to get it back, but i will deff be asking for it back now! 

    HA! you caught me!!!!

    Thanks for looking fellas!
  6. smokinal

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    Glad everything worked out so well for you Steve. It all looks really good. For the price I don';t think you can beat a WSM, and I also agree you can't beat the taste of charcoal & wood, for smoking.
  7. Thank you much! Wants we started eating we sat in the kitchen w/ some nice tunes and good eats... and the drinking really got underway LOL... Yeah those Turkeys are great in the oven... my first time smoking one... it was awesome!
  8. Yeah, it was great! Thanks again for the words of wisdom... I am looking forward to taking on some big cuts for my next WSM voyage!
  9. jakerz66

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    Nice! I am going to fire up my WSM on Saturday it will be it's maiden smoke so I hope it comes out as good as yours.
  10. Great looking FEAST...you hit a home run with your first smoke on your WSM. It can't be hard to get help when you make a meal like that. [​IMG]
  11. jirodriguez

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    Great run on the WSM! Glad to see another WSM user... heh-heh. I to love how much you can actuall put on a 22.5" WSM at one time, plus it gives me an excuse to fill it up if I am going to fire it up. [​IMG]
  12. Thanks man! with this thing i dont see how you can miss... good luck!


    Thank you much! now i am thinking brisket & ABTs for when i ask him to help with a French Drain in the crawlspace! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks! Oh man it is great! and left overs are always a plus... if they last that long!


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