2nd smoke.....time to try a fattie! now with qview

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by jerseyshovel, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. jerseyshovel

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    Ok I've been drooling over fatties since I decided to buy a smoker. Since my first smoke went well I figured I was ready to try one. Didn't know what to stuff it with so after some thought I decided to try something for breakfast and decidely jersey. Pork Roll, also known as Taylor ham. It seems pork roll is very hard to get outside of the nj area. Nothing better than a pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich on a hard roll with salt, pepper and ketchup in my book! 

    Since someone in the neighborhood decided to light fireworks through out the night..midnight, 2am, 4 am sleep was not what i was gonna get so i fried up some eggs, and pork roll and even fried up some onion. Rolled out some jimmy deans sausage. used the freezer bag trick (thanks to whoevers post i saw that in). threw in the all that great stuff with some american cheese and i'm off to races! well not really....couldn't wrap the damn thing and seal it. I guess your supposed to layer everything pretty thin not just pile in the center. I took out half of the filling. Still no good. In frustation I almost, almost threw the damn thing out!!! Just then I remembered I bought two logs of JD. roll it and presto back in business. it wasn't pretty but it worked (i hope). I didn't wrap in bacon I didn't have any when i started.

    It's been in the box for almost an hour. took a peek looks pretty good i'll have to get a pic of it when i find my cell phone!!

    stay tuned....

    this is pork roll for those who don't know....


    here it is out of the box....


    it's a cheese explosion...


    ready to eat!!!

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  2. rdknb

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    yeah rolling it can be hard.  What I do is put the jimmy dean in the freezer for about 15 mins to firm it up.
  3. eman

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    If you do the freezer bag to flatten it out then cut the bag. Flip the flat sausage over onto a sheet of plastic wrap put your filling on the sausage then roll up the fattie. twist the ends of the plastic wrap (like a piece of hard candy). grab both ends pick it up and spin the whole thing to tighten the fattie up.

      chill to firm then remove plastic wrap and smoke.

     i find that 2lbs works better if you are using alot of filling or fillings that arewet.
  4. jerseyshovel

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    Thanks for the tips guys! No blow outs! Just got done eating and cleaning up. It was good but the pork roll gets lost in all the JD. I got to run to help a friend move into their new house. I post some pics when I get home.

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