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  1. Upon suggestions from some of the more seasoned smokers here, I tried an 8lb pork butt for my second attempt at smoking, after having some pretty good results from my first smoking go-round with chicken.  Had it brining overnight (salt, dark brown sugar, allspice) after scoring the fat cap, and woke early the next morning to rinse, pat dry, and add a "jerk seasoning" dry rub - dried minced onions, garlic powder, thyme, allspice, paprika, cayene, red pepper flakes, and dark brown sugar - while the MES was heating up.

    And into the MES it goes, to smoke with cherry wood chips, while I do some chores and watch football:

    12 hours later, at 205 internal temp, it's done smoking.

    The bone came right out, the butt was almost falling apart, with a nice bark on it:

    Starting to pull apart:

    What 8lb of fully shredded smoked pork butt looks like:

    Served with some broccoli slaw and sweet potato chips, this made a fine dinner - the gf approved!

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  2. scottg

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    Looks good, was your first shoulder brined?
  3. Excellent job. Looks great, beautiful bark, nice pink smoke ring. I'd eat that anytime ! [​IMG]
  4. oldschoolbbq

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    Nice looking PP . Love a Butt with good Bark .

    but mainly , I love Butt...
  5. b-one

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    Nice job looks like ribs next then a reverse sear Tri tip then a brisket......
  6. We'll have to see...I've been commissioned to do a smoked turkey breast for Thanksgiving, to accompany my parents' traditional bird, but there's still a couple weeks between now and then to try some things.  I was also looking into possibly getting an AMZPS to maybe try to do some cold smoking of cheese, thinking ahead to Christmas treats for the family, so lots of potential possibilities.

    I will be moving soon, though, and will have to put the smoker in storage for a little while [​IMG]  , so trying to get my smoking fix in before I have to do that.
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    Looks Great!!


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