2nd smoke - Packer 10 lb Choice Angus Brisket

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  1. OK here it is!  I put a dry rub on it to sit overnight.  It contains no sugar.

    I plan to start it up sometime tomorrow night.  I am just debating whether or no to add more rub first that might have some brown sugar in it for a good dark crisp coating.
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  2. I vote no sugar, but you knew that.  Good luck.  Let us know how it turns out.  Keep Smokin!

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    I would leave it as it is. I used to use sugar in my rubs but now I prefer not too. I also don't season until just before the smoke. I found there wasn't any difference letting it sit seasoned overnight.
  4. Thanks for the quick responses, and Danny I'll let you duke it out here about cooking temps if ya want [​IMG]
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    i agree...i haven't seasoned any meat (pork or beef) and rested overnight in the fridge for a few years..at the most an hour before smoking...unless its poultry, i'll brine those overnight..did a couple for my girl friend and her family the other weekend and they loved them
  6. [​IMG]Well thanks Homey.  I only mentioned that there are too schools of thought on brisket.  There is the old school of running temps at around 250-260.  I am definitely  old school but I have also found that you can smoke brisket in the 280-290 range and still achieve a moist tender brisket without injecting or foiling before resting if time may be an issue.  The higher temp will help reduce the stall time and the results seem to be the same.  Now if you use a sugar based rub ( which I do not ) I can't speak as to what will happen to the "bark" at the higher temps.  I do baste when running higher temps.  I use an oil, vinegar, beer and sliced onion baste with very few spices.  IMHO brisket ( traditional Texas sliced style ) shouldn't have true "bark".  "Bark" on brisket/beef CAN get hard and tuff.  I would love to hear what the other members have found.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

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    My Maverick ET732 shows the brisket is at 225 right out of the fridge!   I have restarted it and reinserted the food probe.  It is staying right around 225.  Clueless

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    Bad probe. If you have a second probe plug it into the same port and I'll bet you get a normal reading. The cables don't like being bent, i.e. kinked or pinched, and I've read they don't like wet either - as in don't wash/immerse in water.

    Had the same problem with my dual probe unit. Swapping probes verified it was a bad probe. Replaced it and that fixed the issue.
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  9. I think the unit is bad.  The BBQ temp is spiking from 220ish to now 250 or so.  The MES stays constant around 225  They were cleaned with a moist sponge.
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  10. I just checked the brisket.  It looks god and is at 180 IT
  11. just pulled it out of the smoker.internal temp 195.the back up thermometer slipped into the brisket like butter


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