275 Gallon Oil Tank on Trailer Build

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by subie101, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Started getting into welding and fabricating in the last couple of years and have always wanted to build a smoker. Just basicly waiting for the parts to fall in my lap.. Had an old trailer laying around and got a deal on a horizontal fuel oil tank. Plan is for an offset design using the tank cut into two pieces, smoke chamber and firebox. 

    only thought to start taking pictures after i cut the tank into 2 pcs. and also said "old trailer"

    Decided on an offset design and picked up a 4x8 of 1/4" from a used metal supplier locally. 1/4" steel will be the wall between the two chambers.


    Picked up some home depot steel from the metal supplier complete with price tags! fit in perfectly to the "c" channel of the trailer to sure up the attachment points. Also plan on fully welding the bolt together trailer.

    the wall of the two chambers tacked to the tank and the door cut.

    For the rest of the build i'll document things a little better. Thanks for all the help i've gotten from looking at other builds. I welcome any feedback and suggestions.
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    Problems we've been having.. i had the forethought to climb in and weld in threaded rod to the tank and attached the hinges before cutting the door. but when the door came loose the threaded rod on left side popped off we re-welded it to the burn marks but it isn't perfect and i believe its a big reason why the door isn't sitting perfect. my idea is to use turnbuckles to pull the door in a bit and also add a center support. any input would be great.
  3. i read a post on here a few days ago. more than likely you warped from heat. add a little heat to the opposite side of the direction you want it to go. then blow air from a compressor on the other side. it should shrink the metal. i wish i could remember which post it was on. i will try to find it for you.

    happy smoken.

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    well the distortion wasnt heat related. we ended up welding in turnbuckles on to the lid including adding one in the middle. after a little adjustment the lid is closing nicely.

    latest progress. looks a little crooked due to the legs sinking into the frozen ground. added a flange to the bottom of the lid to cover the gap.

    this is the new firebox door. came out better than i expected. left a good 18" x 21" of flat 1/4" steel on the top. should come in handy warming side dishes or some extra prep space.
  5. Looks awesome! I hope to build one of these sometime too. too The trailer is in the back yard waiting! Great job!:yahoo:

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