22" kettle with the smokenator

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  1. For those of you with this setup how much meat can you throw on and cook? How many butts, ribs, etc can you cook at 1 time? I have a mini wsm as my only grill/smoker and am wondering if this should be my next step.
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    I've smoked three big rack of ribs (laying flat) at a time with no problem! I love this thing!!!
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    I have about ten smokes under my belt with the 22" Weber and the Smokenator.  As far as how much meat it can hold?

    Without the "hovergrill" 3 racks of SLC spare ribs fit easily.  3 or 4 Boston butts would fit too.  4 whole chickens.  I have an 18 lb turkey in the freezer that I am going to thaw, brine, and butterfly.  It will easily fit on the grill too.  You get the picture.

    I often use 9x13 aluminum roasters though with an 8x10 rack in each one.  You can get 30 of them on Amazon for $14-$15.  If I curl up the longside edge and corners of the roasters I can fit two of them on the grill side by side (see below).  I prefer to cook this way to avoid the mess.  Plus I save the drippin's for BBQ beans, soup, or country gravy.

    I'm still experimenting with my cooking technique. I removed the flip up grate on the grill that covers the Smokenator.  Makes removing the water pan that came with it much easier.  I don't measure temperature at the vent either as stated in the instructions, preferring grill temperature instead.  I heat shrink wrapped the lead/probe connection on my Maverick ET-732 food and chamber probes to waterproof the probe to prevent shorting, then reinforced the connection with heat resistant glass electrical tape to prevent kinking (you can see it on the food probe below).  Then I clip the chamber probe to the handle on the flip up grate opposite the Smokenator.  The probe runs parallel to the handle instead of sticking into the cooking area, taking up valuable space and setting you up to kink your probe lead if you use the grill connector that came with the Maverick.

    Today I removed the water pan completely, filled the Smokenator with charcoal and wood, then put a 4" deep quarter steam table pan filled with water on the charcoal grate next to the Smokenator.  I didn't get as much steam but it definitely acted as a heat sink to stabilize the temperature.  I could easily have gone six hours with one load of charcoal/wood but only needed three hours today for what I cooked below.

    Have fun if you get one!  We love ours.      

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    Very nice!!! I love my smokenator!

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