20 pounds of pepper sticks

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ron forst, Feb 15, 2012.

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    So after trying and almost losing my religion with natural sheep casings the last time, I picked up some collegen casings and did 20 pounds of pepper sticks with cheese. What an improvment over the natural casings! BUT having an older Enterprise stuffer cranking this mixture through even a 1/2 inch tube was a BEAR! And yes I had the right amount of water in the mix and then some. I've seen places that sell a gear reduction kit for these stuffers, anyone out there tried this setup? I really like this old stuffer and dont really want to spend money on a different one that probably wont stuff any easier, now I have to go and ice my arm from all that cranking :)
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    Ron, morning...  When I stuff through a small tube, greasing everything can help.... I spray the tube with canned veggie spray, grease the plunger and canister with lard or crisco, spray the gears and screw with veg spray  etc....  seems like overkill but my stuffer has nylon plastic gears and I think it is good insurance...  If that doesn't do the trick, there are sites that sell all the replacement stuff for your stuffer.... I found it last week helping another member look for stuff... can't recall right now but I will look for it, unless you have the info already....

    Ice the arm and think of how great the sausage will taste.... Dave

    Found 1 supplier of parts.... Dave

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  3. Sorry about your arm, hope the ice helped. Can't help you with the gear reduction kit, but would love to see those sticks when you get them finished.

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