20 lbs of kielbasa

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by 1967robg, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Cooked on the offset today.20lbs off pork loin salt,pepper,garlic,onion,and cure. May be right in line with the red hots.
  2. That looks mighty tasty.

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    I agree looks great!
  4. Nice Looks mighty good

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    That looks great!  Did you use just straight pork loin or did you add fat?  Im always messing around with lower fat sausages!
  7. Straight pork loin+ 1 cup NFDM and mix it by hand like crazy. If I don't mix it enough it turns out crumbly. I do use cure and try not to let the cooker get much over 180° even if it means cracking the cover or door,plenty moist. I grind once and went approximately half medium,half coarse.
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    That's awesome! I know what you mean about the mix. If you undermix, the texture is terrible, especially with lean meats it seems. I usually use the "Does it stick to the palm of my hand when it's facing down? " test to see if its mixed enough.
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    Nice kielbasa

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