20 baby back in the smoker tomorrow

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  1. Hi Guys,

    a good friend of mine is throwing a party tomorrow night for 30 people and had asked my to bring over the smoker and bbq. We are doing ribs and wings in the smoker. here is my plan so far...meal is to be served around 6:30-7:00pm

    i'm planning on doing the 2-2-1 method...2hrs in the smoker at 225...2hrs in the over wrapped with apple juice at 225...but the last hour I won't have access to the smoker cause the wings will be in there....here's the dilemma....i'm hoping I can throw them on the bbq with sauce for an hour or so...to finish them up.

    would be ok if I left them in the over for an extra 30min, then bbq them with sauce for 30minutes while the wings are cooking?

    I've done 6 test trials on wings and they turn out GREAT!...I put them straight in smoker with nothing on them....45 minutes at 300..then flipped them...another 30 minutes at 300...then I crank the heat wipe open...about 425 for about 25 minutes..flipping them once...they come out nice and crispy....then throw them in franks wing sauce!

    any help is greatly appreciated!


    Pics will follow tomorrow.

    2 years ago same place, he had 50 people...we had 27 racks in the smoker and 12 large chickens..it was a success
  2. Start earlier, wrap the ribs and tuck them away in the cooler till everything is ready

    Gary S
  3. Gary, wrapped them a towel like when making pulled pork?
  4. A lot of times when I do ribs, they get done a little early, so I'll pull them re-wrap in foil and a couple of old towels and let them hang out while everything else is getting ready. One thing to watch is on your 2-2-1  sometimes the ribs just get tender quicker (different Hogs) you don't want them falling apart so keep an eye on them, since you are going to be holding them for a little while, My #2 son does this quite a bit, leaves them foiled for to long are doesn't pay attention and lets the temp jump up and the steam and get to tender in the foil.

    Gary S 

  5. Could only get my hands 18 racks!
  6. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    thats a load of pork in there. wow!
  7. I usually finish mine for the last hour on the grill...allows me easier access to get BBQ sauce on them. The higher heat firms them back up a bit after foiling and the sauce will caramelize nicely. 

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