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  1. Trying a sopressata from Chacuterie, and a longaniza de andalusia from meats and sausages. Didn't get any grinding/stuffing shots, but got about 4 kilos of ground pork shoulders ans stuffed into beef middles. Incubated for 24 hours, then covered in m600.  Here we are about a week in, lots of nice mold forming.

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    Excellent mold cover.
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    Will have to stick around to see the sliced shots!
  4. Those look really great. I see you hang in your bathroom...not unlike myself [​IMG]
  5. Nice, I'll be watching 

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    Anxiously waiting the finished product!

  7. Pulled the salamis at just over 30% weight loss

    Soppressata- good flavor, but still "moist" after 30% + weight loss

    Longaniza de Andalusia was actually the surprise favorite...

    Rinsed with red wine vinegar, and sliced with the German salami( left), soppressata(middle) and Longaniza(right)

  8. Looks mighty tasty

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    Wow. Love the mold layer. Looks outstanding.
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    Does the mold come off when you rub it (dry)? If not I would rather serve it mold on.
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    CDN, morning...... the mold coating is a thing of beauty..... it all looks great....

    One question..... Did the (Soppressata- good flavor, but still "moist" after 30% + weight loss) have "more" liquid added to the meat mix, than the other salami's....
    I'm still trying to figure out..... When adding additional moisture, should that need to be figured in the weight loss.... (if 30 grams of liquid is added, should the first 30 grams weight loss be not counted)...
  12. The mold is fairly "sticky", doesn't come off completely. I agree about leaving it on, shaved thin, you don't even notice it there.
    Thanks Dave, new new curing room seems to be promoting good mold growth. Both the salamis had some wine added(according to the recipe) but other than that, nothing. That weight was part of the total, not sure if you would have to let that liquid weight disappear, then another 30%? But then I've never had authentic homemade salamis before, so maybe the texture is what it should be? To me it's closer to a lunch meat salami vs a dry salami(leathery) that I've gotten from the store, if that makes it any clearer. Anyways, gonna let the remainder go down to 40% weight loss and see if that is closer to what I was expecting.
  13. CDN, those look good. Very nice mold covering. Your chamber seems to be functioning nicely.

    After making a few rounds, I've noticed 40% is usually closer to the texture and dryness I like. The flavor gets that much more complex after losing more weight. Let us know what you think.
  14. Down to 35%, still waiting....
  15. CDN, I don't think you'll be let down with the change in the flavor of the salami. Isn't that last little bit just the worst?
  16. We are on pins and needles 


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