1st Try - Ribs on Cookshack 009-2

Discussion in 'Pork' started by motsco, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. motsco

    motsco Fire Starter

    rubbed ribs down yesterday -
    put ribs in smoker 9:40 this morning with a small mix of apple wood and hickory.

    set it and forget it @ 225

    played 18 holes of golf, now I'm waiting on my final hour so I can wrap them up and let them rest, plan on eating them later tonight for dinner.

    more pictures coming in about an hour :drool

  2. motsco

    motsco Fire Starter

    6 hours and out of the smoker. I never opened the door , was pretty windy day. looks like the 009 held temputure pretty good.

    pulled the ribs sauced up 1 rack and wrapped light in tinfoil, will let them sit until 5:30, maybe reheat in oven maybe not.

    sofar this is way easyer then babysitting a fire.

  3. shtrdave

    shtrdave Smoking Fanatic

    That is the way I do ribs in my CS, toss them in set it and walk away for 5-6 hours, usually do spares and have always had really good ribs.
    Yours look really good, were they worth the wait?
  4. motsco

    motsco Fire Starter

    I got scared about leaving them wrapped in foil I was afraid they would be to loose, so I let them sit in the foil for 20 min. and then opened the foil and put them in the oven @170 until feeding time .

    I was very impressed they had a nice tug to them and could be cleaned to the bone the way I like them, none of that take a bite and all the meat falls off.

    here's the finished product.

    thanks shtrdave for the tip Thumbs Up

  5. bmudd14474

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    Yes please id like seconds. Thumbs Up

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