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  1. OK I finally decided to do something else besides Brisket and Ribs[​IMG]

    Picked up 6 lbs of Tri Tip. Seasoned the meat by rubbing it with Mustard and putting on a local seasoning (Low Salt) that I use. I have a MES 30 and love it! I put 70% Apple Juice and 30% water in the water pan. I like the Apple juice steam it puts off during the smoke. I used 70% hickory and 30% Mesquite. (I have Apple wood on order but it hasn't arrived yet.) I only load up the hopper once. I have found if you do it twice it puts too much smoke flavor in it for my Girls. This Tri Tip had a nice fat cap on it so I put the cap on top so it would help keep the meat moist and add flavor (If this assumption is wrong someone tell me). I set the MES for 225 degrees and placed my Weber wireless thermometer in and set it for 135 degrees. I was looking for a pink center. After 1 hour it was at 103 degrees. I opened the door and put apple juice on the meat. Then set the timer for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes passed I turned the meat over and put more Apple Juice on it. Set the timer for 30 minutes and went and logged on to ask a couple questions. I was interested in maybe trying to pull one section of meat but wasn't sure if I could as this is a lean meat. I talked to a couple of guys (OOPS forgot who I talked to so please chime in and take credit) and the jest of the conversation was no go on pulling tri tip. No one said don't but I didn't want to risk ruining the meat by cooking it too long. While I was on the site my Daughters Poodle started barking which meant that my timer went off. Yes it is good to have a secondary alarm in case I get distracted[​IMG] and the poodle is that for me. It had only been 15 minutes. So I almost rudely got off the forum (Sorry Guys) and went to check the meat. It was at 137 and that was what I deemed just right. I wrapped the meat in foil after I took it out of the MES and then wrapped it in a towel and placed it in the cooler. I let it set for 2 hours in time to cut it for dinner. Fixed coleslaw, ranch beans (out of a can) and french bread. MMMM it was good! Again a big hit with the family! Below are the pics of the meat, Meat showing fat cap, meat seasoned, meat sliced and the final on the plate ready to eat. Thanks to all on this forum who have helped me as I have never had a bad smoke and it is due to this outstanding forum![​IMG]
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    Looks good. That looks like lots of fat, did it cook up OK?
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    Great Looking Tri Tip...
  4. Yes it did. Yeah, I was thinking of trimming it up a little but it turned out Great. Next time if I have that much fat I might take a little off but not much. Like I said it was just about perfect! My Daughter likes a little fat with her meat so I have to leave some on. And she thought it just right! Wife just reminded me I have the second one to carve up.

    Thanks for the reply.
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    Great smoke, and congrats on trying another cut of beef. It is vert tender and mosit when cooked right, as you well know. Thanks for sharing the Q View too.

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