1st time burnt ends

Discussion in 'Beef' started by hyyal, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. hyyal

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    On a prior thread, I had an epic Qview fail and did not provide any pics from my step daughter's 21st birthday party. I've never done a 16 pound packer before and thanks to all for the advice!

    After seperating the flat from the point, I followed the advice and turned the point into Burnt Ends!  This was my first time, so I was curious how they would turn out. fortunately, one of the guests was snapping some pictures.


    This was one of 2 pans I had. I diced the yummy bits up, added some more rub and sauce.....the sauce I used was my own recipe, I added about 1/2 cup of pepper vinegar to it to thin it out a little.  My favorite comment was - "Oh my God! This is like meat crack!"

    Here's a pic of my undiluted sauce:

  2. hacksaw

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    MMmm  Meat crack...I gotta do that next time  do a big packer...looks awesome!
  3. bearcarver

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    Good Job, hyyal !!!

    They look just right from here----Gotta love 'em!

  4. smokinal

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    Great job Hyyal!

    They look perfect!
  5. rbranstner

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    You just can't beat burnt ends can you! Great job!
  6. realtorterry

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    Love it, now wheres the rest of the brisket Qview?
  7. hyyal

    hyyal Smoke Blower

    LOL!! Realtorterry - as I posted earlier, I had a major Qview fail!  I took pics...really I did.  I also managed to somehow corrupt the data that was on it.  Trust me, I was bummed. The rest of the pics that were taken by one of the guests would be more appropriate for the pork section as I did 9.5 pounds of baby's also. He got that documented, but sadly, not the brisket.

    I know.......no pics = didn't happen.
  8. meateater

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    That looks great ! [​IMG]

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