1st smoke pork loin roast with Q-view

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  1. So wife had two 1 1/2 lb pork loin roast. It is packaged in its own onion & garlic marinade. I know I had some people tell me to only cook it to 145 IT since they tend to dry out. what temp should I have it at 200°, 225°,or 250°. How long do yall think it would take? 2hrs? I wanted to try and make them for lunch tomorrow b4 the wife goes into work at 12:30.
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    I think you mean pork tenderloins, however wrap in bacon and only take them to 145, they shouldn't be dry that way. If you like them med you can take them to 160.
  3. I thought they where pork tenderloins too but packageing says pork loin roast there only about the size of a fist maybe a lil bigger. Maybe because they arebt long they just called them roasts. So 160° wont dry them to much? Cause the wife wont eat anything to pinkish. Maybe I'll do 1 till 150° & other to 160°. What do you think I should set my temp at in the grill? O anf thanx for the reply
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    I would smoke at 250 till 150 internal and wrap them up and let rest for 30 minutes the carry over will bring it higher, if you wrap them in bacon they should still be moist. Curious, do you have  a pic of them? Sounds like maybe pork loins that have been chunked into smaller sizes. Butchers now a days come up with creative cuts for max value. 
  5. I do all this through my phone and I cant upload pics. But ya just looks like a small chunk off of a tenderloin. Its only about 5"-6" big. I can take pic and send it to u in an email or txt.
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    Sounds like Meat has you covered. 

    I would pull them at 145, wrap in foil & they will continue to cook.

    Leave a probe in them & when they get to where you want them, slice & eat.

    Personally if you want a juicy loin I would slice it at 145.
  7. Ok so todat is the day. I got her going to around 220 b4 I threw them on. I noticed I have to keep my vent open all the way along with my smoke stack to stay around 225. There isnt much wind out today so think thats y im having some troyble keeping my temps. Now I flipped my cooking chambers tray over and made a cheap baffle out of aluminum foil for now. Im using lump charcoal with hickory wood chips. Now when I do get it up to 250 I can see that I have flames throw the dampner on the fire box. Should I worry about that since its a side firebox smoker is it ok. Like I said I know the temp is between 225-250 when I see them.
  8. I just did some pork lions roast over the weekend and Ill be putting up pics within the day.....  I keep my at around 225 and seemed to do the trick on em.. I finished my in the oven for just a bit and then let em rest, and my lordy they where good and juicey
  9. [=[​IMG]][/]
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    Since your new we'll give you some slack, but this is what we say here:


    Everything your doing sounds great!

    We just want to be there with you WITH PHOTO'S!

  11. [=[​IMG]][/]this is the pork roast
  12. This how I have the dire box. I think I was smothering it by putting to much charcoal at once but rhis is how it is now 3 hours into it

    And more importantly how the pork is doing
  13. Figired out I could upload pics to my fish forum and then copy them in here. Well wife went to work with no pork. Its been in forjust over 3 hrs. I think where I really messed up was trying to rush it along so she could have some b4 work. I dumped an extra chimmney full on top of un lit coals thinking it would catch quickly and bump up the heat to 250ish. But think I just chocked it outmore then anything. I also started the meat out on center rack but that was only ataying at about 200. So I slide them over to the firebox side abd now they have been at a pretty steady 225. Also I think I threw them on b4 the whole grill really got to a steady temp. I planed on cooking by 10 but meat didnt go on till about 1040ish.
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     Usually the pork loin roast is just a center cut section of a pork loin. They're packaged in a marinade and I've tried the mesquite and cajun ones and they were very good. I usually cook them on the middle grate of the SNP to keep them away from firebox flames or temp spikes. There are a lot of mods you can do to your Char-broil american gourmet deluxe  and every one makes it that much better. Start by putting some unlit lump in the bottom of your basket preferably to the right then dump the lit charcoal on top and to the left. One thing you can't do is rush it. I like to take the smoker to 275/300 then back off the dampers and drop it to 220ish. If you want it to gain temp quicker open the firebox door and open the chimney vent. You can also make a charcoal basket out of expanded metal that will hold more fuel and breathe better.

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    I only use my cell camera also and I send them to my e-mail address and save them in my comp. then load them on here when I need to..easy.. I have never seen one of those called a roast. Looks good though.
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    Can't wait to see you cut into it when it's done!

    Looks good so far!

    I think you kind of figured out you just can't rush these things.

    It's done when it's done.
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     First thing I did was remove the warming rack to make room for a 10 lb butt. lol  You can also make a temporary 'tuning plate" by removing the charcoal pan and turning it upside down, then hang it in the highest position. (OOPS I see you did this already) Should help even out temps from end to end but you'll still have 5 - 10 degree difference with this method. Get some good temp gauges and mount them an inch or two above grate level in the lid, then get a couple temp probes for the meat. The Taylor digital ones are inexpensive and seem to be pretty durable as well. You can pick em up at Lowes.


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  18. [=[​IMG]][/]

    This was the smaller of the 2. Good smoke ring jucie n tender. This was at 150 IT wrapped in brought inside. The bigger one stayed on for another 20 min or so. Wrapped that one and threw in oven @ 225 cause it started to drizzle out.

    And most important my sons plate
  19. Smoking gun: I did flip the pan. I put it on the 2nd to highest though. And threw a foil baffle on it. Kept it pretty steady between 200 -225

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